Vision & Mission

What IAPH wants to achieve
today and tomorrow?

IAPH seeks to be the “Global Ports’ Forum for Industry Collaboration and Excellence” (vision) by achieving its mission of promoting the interest of ports worldwide through strong member relationships, collaboration and information-sharing that help resolve common issues, to advance sustainable practices and to continually improve how ports serve the maritime industries.







IAPH is committed to achieving its
mission through the following

  • Strengthen relationships among the member ports by facilitating interaction,
    dialogue, problem-solving and sharing or formulation of best practices.


  • Leverage member expertise through strong technical committees and programs
    that create platforms focused on resolving complex port and maritime industry
    concerns and build greater efficiency and sustainability for ports worldwide.


  • Promote and demonstrate IAPH members’ leadership and commitment to a cleaner,
    safer and more environmentally sustainable industry for the benefit of the global


  • Proactively coordinate with other international maritime and related organizations
    (such as IMO, UNCTAD, ECOSOC, ILO, WCO, UNEP, etc.) and advocate for global solutions to issues
    that impact IAPH members.