An all-time record for unloaded containers was broken at Ashdod Port despite the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic that broke out almost a year ago had a dramatic impact on our lives and it appears that it also impacted the consumption habits of Israelis. If we assumed that due to the high unemployment rates private spending would take a hit, based on the number of containers that entered Israel we can assess that it actually increased.

The closure of aviation due to the breakout of the virus and the dwindling number of daily passenger planes that had also been carrying cargo, led to an increase in cargo transport via the sea. Ashdod Port, which continued its vital activity without interruption, broke an operational record with the unloading of 1,584,000 (TEU) containers in 2020. This is a historic all-time record at Israel’s ports.

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ashdod port - photo credit Yaron Klain ashdod port - photo credit Avi Rokach