IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group met in London

Chaired by Cees Boon and Françoise van den Brink of the Port of Rotterdam, the IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group held its own meeting after the IAPH Technical Committee Days last week, in order to set out a work agenda for the coming months. The period will be very busy, with the updating of, and production of, numerous new bunkering checklists, and the development of audit and terminal readiness tools that can be applied across different fuels. In discussion with the IAPH team, the working group members explored how to ensure the tools are widely disseminated among all stakeholders, and how to create common templates to focus effort on content rather than format. The Working Group will collaborate closely with a technical consultancy, Panthalassa, to deliver the new suite of safety tools in the coming months, with those tools also being shared for inputs from the offshore industry and trade associations, as well as bunker operators and shipowners. The team will also assume its role in developing the Port Readiness Level Tool as it is prepared for handover from the World Ports Climate Action Program later this year.