ESI moves to the next level

As the shipping industry strives to decarbonise, the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) is evolving to help owner-operators exceed the latest standards. Throughout 2024 and beyond, ESI’s modules are set to expand to take into account a range of potential emissions including GHGs and a range of zero-emissions techniques, alongside further enhancement of noise-emission functionality. This far-reaching revision of ESI’s formula is being guided by a Technical Advisory Group, which held its latest meeting at IAPH’s London office in Park Street on 26-27 February. Representatives from IAPH, ESI administrator Green Award Foundation and consultancies Panthalassa, Arcsilea, and Starcrest were joined by sustainability experts from the ports of Antwerp-Bruges, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Barcelona and Long Beach. Incentive Providers and Incentive Receivers within ESI will receive more information and guidance about important changes to ESI in the coming months.


Back row L-R : Keita Shinohara, Tim Verhoeven, Rusty Mahakian, Bruce Anderson,
Jarl Schoemaker and Henri van der Weide. Front row L-R Nick Blackmore, Takeshi Suzuki,
Joaquim Cortés, Azien Amin, Edwin Pang, Amy Parkes, Tanya Ferry and Antonis Michail.