Final call for Harbor Café sessions on Red Sea crisis

The first global IAPH Harbor Café of the year will focus on the ongoing crisis in the Red Sea and the strategies deployed by ports and key stakeholders to foster resilience in the face of persistent disruptions. This discussion will serve as an appetizer for the theme of this year’s IAPH World Ports Conference, which focuses on risk and resilience. Given our commitment to ensure broad participation, we are offering two sessions, on 26 February from 5 to 6.30 PM CET and on 27 February from 10 to 11.30 AM CET, tailored to accommodate different time zones. Speakers on 26 February include professor Theo Notteboom (University of Antwerp), John Stawpert (International Chamber of Shipping), and representatives from the Port of Los Angeles, Porto do Açu, American BCO Basstech and German freight procurement company XStaff.  John Stawpert will also join us on 27 February, together with Peter Tirschwell (S&P Global / Journal of Commerce) and representatives from HAROPA Port, Namibian Port Authority, Transnet Port Authority, Djibouti Ports & Freezones Authority and XStaff. During the sessions, we will also provide a brief overview of the IAPH agenda for 2024, including upcoming meetings and major events you won’t want to miss. IAPH members have received the agenda for both days earlier this week, together with the links to join the meetings. If you haven’t received those, please contact Fumiko Yamaji: [email protected]