Participate in the 2024 World Ports Tracker survey

We are off to a flying start in 2024, which also includes compiling the yearly version of the IAPH World Ports Tracker report, combining S&P Global container port performance data, UNCTAD Liner Connectivity data as well as IAPH survey response data analysis on vessel calls, cargo volumes and key intermodal availability, analysed by Theo Notteboom and Thanos Pallis, two of the world’s leading maritime economists. The data analysis does not only focus on containerised cargo. There are analyses of bulk, liquid bulk, multipurpose as well as cruise and passenger sectors. Ports can select answering the questions relevant to them, and with the data available at their disposal. With this up-to-date information, readers will be informed on important trends based on recent historical data, which also allows the prediction and forecasting of future trends for ports. A good example is the question on what ports are expecting in terms of future vessel calls/cargo volumes in the next twelve months as compared with the last year, also the estimations by ports in terms of cruise and passenger growth. The tracker also includes hot topics which are highly relevant – in this case on how ports are being impacted by the situation in the Red Sea with vessels being diverted around the Cape. We have set 7 February as the deadline to answer the survey. All ports answering at least one of the survey questions (all questions are optional to allow ports to answer relevant questions to them) will get access to the full global report and regional analysis. You can access the survey via this link. To get an idea of the IAPH World Ports Tracker annual report, you can download the 2022 edition here.