IAPH co-sponsors IMO submission on organised crime

After thorough discussions and corresponding communications within the Risk and Resilience Committee, IAPH was able to co-sponsor a submission to the 33rd session of the IMO Assembly. The submission, titled ‘Combatting Security Threats by Organised Crime in the Maritime Industry’ aims to garner support for an Assembly Resolution that raises awareness within the maritime sector regarding the profound impacts of illicit trade and organised crime. This joint submission is a collaborative effort initiated by Belgium with support of Colombia, Cyprus, Kenya, The Netherlands, Panama, Peru, IAPH, WWF, and FONASBA. In alignment with the ongoing initiatives of the IAPH Data Collaboration Committee on cybersecurity, the proposed resolution underscores the critical importance of capacity-building and cooperation in the realm of cybersecurity as well. Looking ahead, the proposed resolution urges interested parties to submit proposals to the IMO Maritime Safety and Facilitation Committees. These proposals are intended to enhance and adapt the existing framework for combating organised crime in the maritime sector. Additionally, the resolution extends an invitation to IMO Member States to share their successful strategies in mitigating the impacts of organised crime on international maritime traffic and port facilities. This pivotal submission is scheduled for discussion during the upcoming IMO Assembly 33, which will be held from 27 November to 6 December. We kindly request your assistance in liaising with your national administrations to garner support for the adoption of this draft resolution, which you can download here, recognising the collective efforts required to fortify the maritime industry against security threats posed by organised crime.