Port Endeavor played at London Intl Shipping Week

IAPH actively participated in the many events held during London International Shipping Week (LISW23) and we notably organised a workshop on developing the sustainable and resilient ports of the future, together with our associate members British Ports Association and TT Club, who hosted the event at their offices. The joint workshop welcomed representatives from port authorities, trade associations, government officials and other maritime and logistics stakeholders to play the Port Endeavor sustainability game. Created by IAPH and developed in partnership with APEC and UNCTAD TrainforTrade, the game enables participants to gain a practical understanding of how ports apply the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to their businesses. Featuring highlighted projects and best practices from the IAPH World Ports Sustainability Program online database, players enjoyed taking decisions on how to adapt to sustainability challenges that echo real life events and problems that ports must tackle today. To continue to build ties between the UK ports sector and its international counterparts, this workshop was an opportunity to solidify the strong partnership between BPA and IAPH as they come together on key issues which are impacting ports the world over.