IAPH contributed to Seatrade Global Ports Report 2023

Published ahead of TOC Europe 2023, the Seatrade Maritime Global Ports Report 2023 reveals how international ports are actively laying the groundwork for the green energy transition, addressing emissions and investing in infrastructure to support growing green energy industries. However, the question of who bears the cost of this transition remains a struggle for ports as they grapple with the shared responsibility of addressing climate change. The report contains contributions from IAPH communications director Victor Shieh as well as from several IAPH regular and associate members, IMO and BIMCO. It covers how global ports are demonstrating their growing sense of social awareness and responsibility, leading them to account for their impact on the local environment and neighbouring communities, both on land and under the water. Diversity and inclusion are continuing to gain prominence in port boardrooms, with an increasing emphasis on ensuring diverse voices are heard regarding the challenges and opportunities facing ports. Meanwhile, ports confirm that enlarged data streams are supporting trend analysis and decision-making across global operations, aided by a supportive environment for port technology developers and start-ups. You can read the report online here. IAPH communications director Victor Shieh will, together with Carolien De Vries from APEC Port Training, present a demonstration of the Port Endeavor game at TOC Europe on 15 June at 11.30 CET in the sustainability theatre.