IAPH Board endorses recommendations benchmark report

IAPH Board members met online 28 February. The principal item on the agenda was the presentation and discussion of a benchmark report that compares IAPH’s organisational structure and financial performance with a peer group of international and regional associations of shipping companies and port authorities. The benchmark exercise was carried out by Gerd Ramdohr, head of financial management at Hamburg Port Authority, courtesy of IAPH vice-president Jens Meier. The benchmark report recommends organisational changes, in terms of process view, working routines and organisation chart, customer relationship management, internal reporting and forecasting as well as membership value, marketing and pricing. The Board endorsed the recommendations and tasked the IAPH management team to formulate a concrete implementation plan with deliverables set for the course of this year. The Board further adopted the statement of the 2022 IAPH accounts as well as the report by the Finance and Audit Committee. Board members were updated on the implementation of the 2023 work programme, membership developments and the organisation of the 2023 World Ports Conference. Finally, the Board took note of the election schedule of president and vice-presidents for the 2023-2025 term of office.