New CMF bunker checklists include liquid hydrogen

The IAPH Clean Marine Fuels (CMF) Working Group has published a total of six new checklists, which cater for both ship-to-ship and truck-to-ship bunkering operations of liquefied gasses as a marine fuel at ports. Following the sterling work of the members of the working group, these checklists, which are applicable to LNG and liquefied biogas, but also to liquid hydrogen, will contribute in a very concrete way towards the energy transition of shipping. The harmonised bunker checklists reflect the extra requirements of ports about safe bunkering operations of alternative marine fuels in or near their port environment. By using such bunker checklists, a high level of quality and responsibility of the bunkering operators can be obtained. They will also be of great benefit to vessels and their crews bunkering in other ports because it will reduce the potential confusion caused by having to comply with different rules and regulations in different ports. The checklists can be obtained by registering, accepting terms and conditions and then downloading the checklists from the IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group portal.