Next Harbor Café sessions on hydrogen and innovation

The IAPH Harbor Café will open its doors again to member guests, allowing them to informally join with a drink online and discuss key trending topics of interest. The first upcoming café is co-organised by the IAPH Europe and Africa regions as a bi-regional session on 24 June at 10.30 AM CEST. It will include perspectives from port authorities and companies that enable the production and transport of hydrogen. Member ports, associate IAPH members or organisations interested in taking part may contact Ingrid Boqué at the Hamburg Port Authority for more information. The second IAPH Harbor Café is being coordinated by our Data Collaboration Committee Innovation Group. It will feature ports with experience in setting up innovation hubs in their ports with start-ups. To cover most world time zones, two sessions are being planned on the IAPH Harbor Café portal, between 09.00 and 10.00 AM and between 05.00 and 06.00 PM CEST on Tuesday 12 July. Concrete cases will include a system capable of detecting truck and container numbers while moving, a tracking system that performs automated 360-degree inspections of car shipments, a radar system that can detect the composition on MARPOL vessel residues and a cyber outfit capable of recovering port operation and IT systems within 30 seconds of a cyber-attack. Interested non-members of IAPH can contact Fabienne Van Loo if they are interested in joining one of the Harbor Café sessions.