New IAPH Constitution goes into effect

The new IAPH Constitution has come into force, effective 1 June. The new Constitution requires us to take a new and different approach to the way things were done in the past. To begin with, IAPH has now six new regions:


1. Africa
2. America, Central and South
3. America, North
4. Asia, South/West, East and Middle East
5. Asia, South East and Oceania
6. Europe


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Except for the Asia, South East and Oceania region having its Vice President, Mr. Martin Byrne, Chief Executive, Port Nelson Ltd., New Zealand and the Africa region, Mr. Hien Sié, Managing Director, Abidjan Port Authority, Côte d’Ivoire, who were elected under the old Constitution to serve until the next IAPH World Ports Conference in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, May 2017, an election to elect the region’s VP will soon be called in four regions of 1)America, Central and South, 2)America, North, 3)Asia, South/West, East and Middle East and 4)Europe.


New governing body of IAPH
Under the old Constitution, the Association’s activities and events were placed under the general supervision of the Board of Directors, as the policy making body, that comprised IAPH members elected on a national basis. The Board was also responsible for supervising the Executive Committee (Exco) as the chief executive body that comprised IAPH members elected from among the Board of Directors.


Under the new Constitution, we do not have the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee anymore.  Instead what we now have as the governing body is the Council comprising:


  • The Board of Executive Directors (President and six regional Vice Presidents)
  • Non-Executive Directors (Immediate Past President, Conference Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Managing Director – Policy and Strategy, Internal Committee Chairs, Technical Committee Chairs, Chairs or Project Leaders of Forums, Subsidiary Bodies and other significant initiative up to three appointments and one Associate Member representative.


Appreciation to the former members of the Board and the Exco
We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to those concerned who made a great contribution to the development of IAPH in the recent past. Without their leadership and guidance, the IAPH could not have survived a number of critical situations including the recent revision of the IAPH Constitution.


Please click here to download the New IAPH Constitution.