IAPH Insider- February 8, 2024

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This week’s Insider highlight with Patrick Verhoeven


First sponsors announced as #IAPH2024 gathers pace

We are pleased to announce IRM Offshore and Marine Engineers Pvt. Ltd. as a silver sponsor, TT Club as a bronze and badge sponsor, and Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) as a bronze sponsor of the 2024 IAPH World Ports Conference. Taking place 8-10 October, #IAPH2024 will be held at Hamburg Congress Centre, a state-of-the-art convention venue. The host sponsor for the event is Hamburg Port Authority and early bird registration is now open. This year’s edition of the conference will focus on managing risk, building resilience and unlocking opportunities at ports. Representatives from IAPH’s new official media partner Mercator Media visited Hamburg in late January to identify venues for an exciting programme of evening events that will take place during #IAPH2024. Details of this year’s programme are being finalised. We look forward to extending a warm welcome to the global port community. An exciting programme is planned and we will continually update it to reflect the geopolitical, economic and environmental landscape. The programme will also look at how the port industry can become more resilient, addressing practical tools that are available to port authorities and how these can unlock new opportunities, in terms of business. Find out all about #IAPH2024 on www.worldportsconference.com.



Harbor Café on Red Sea crisis – 26 and 27 February

The first global IAPH Harbor Café session of the year will focus on the ongoing crisis in the Red Sea and the strategies deployed by ports and key stakeholders to foster resilience in the face of persistent disruptions. This discussion will serve as an appetizer for the theme of this year’s IAPH World Ports Conference, which focuses on risk and resilience. Given our commitment to ensure broad participation, we are offering two meetings, on 26 February from 5 to 6.30 PM CET and on 27 February from 10 to 11.30 AM CET, tailored to accommodate different time zones. The scene of each Harbor Café will be set by a renowned market analyst. On 26 February we will welcome Theo Notteboom, professor of maritime and port economics at University of Antwerp, and on 27 February Peter Tirschwell, vice-president for maritime and trade at S&P Global Market Intelligence. We are also inviting representatives from various key stakeholders, including the International Chamber of Shipping, port authorities and BCOs. They will provide valuable insights into the current situation, while the IAPH will present the ongoing work in the Risk & Resilience Technical Committee, highlighting activities related to our agenda’s main theme. Furthermore, we will provide a brief overview of their newly amended organizational structure and an insight into the IAPH agenda for 2024, including upcoming meetings and major events you won’t want to miss. IAPH members will be receiving the agenda for both days shortly as well as the links to join the meetings. For people interested in participating, please contact Fumiko Yamaji ([email protected])


Theo Notteboom – Peter Tirschwell


IAPH Technical Committee Days topics announced

The next edition of the IAPH Technical Committee Days will take place 25-27 March in London, in hybrid format. IAPH associate member TT Club has kindly offered to hold the meetings at their Fenchurch Street headquarters, in the heart of the City of London. Content sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including the IMO agenda on decarbonising shipping, cybersecurity in the context of implementing the IMO Maritime Single Window, clean marine fuels and port readiness, data harmonisation for port calls and supply chain efficiency, port incentives and the Environmental Ship Index, illicit trade and organised crime, Clean Energy Marine hubs, future of port workforce, sustainability accreditation for cruise ports and the development of an IAPH ports membership profile. The Technical Committee Days will be held in between the next IMO Marine Environment Protection (MEPC 81) and Facilitation (FAL 48) Committee meetings. IAPH members will be receiving the detailed programme of the Days soon together with all practical information, including registration. If you have any enquiries on the technical committee days, please contact Takeshi Suzuki ([email protected])


APEC-CMAT-IAPH International Port Strategy Course

For the fourth year in a row, IAPH is collaborating with its associate members Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Centre (APEC) and the Centre for Maritime and Air Transport (C-MAT) in organising a course on international port strategy. The course features interactive online sessions from 15 April  to 10 May, followed by a live week in Antwerp from 13 to 17 May. During the interactive online sessions, international port and maritime experts from around the globe will share their knowledge and best practices, such as experts from UNCTAD, the World Bank, IAPH and many more. During the live week in Antwerp, participants will have the opportunity to visit important players in the industry and examine the perspective of various actors in the supply chain. Don’t miss this opportunity to propel your success in the port industry and register now via the APEC website. IAPH members enjoy a 20% discount on the registration fee and there are additional reductions for groups larger than five. For more information on the course programme and enrolment fees, please contact Ken Houtevelts at ken.[email protected]



IMO secretary-general sets fresh agenda for maritime

At a press conference held at the IMO headquarters last week, IMO secretary-general Arsenio Dominguez set out the Organisation’s plans and strategic priorities for the next four years, which involves IMO’s work to regulate international shipping, its support to Member States, enhancing public awareness and image, and relations with people and stakeholders. Furthermore, in light of the ongoing attacks in the Red Sea, he emphasised the paramount importance of protecting seafarers’ lives. The secretary-general also provided an update on the efforts towards decarbonising shipping by or around 2025, in particular, setting out the timeline for the further development of the mid-term measures to support emissions reductions. Finally, Arsenio Dominguez further stressed his commitment to encouraging a culture of transparency, diversity and inclusion, and, since taking office has appointed a gender-balanced senior management team and set a policy of participating only in public events or panels with gender representation.

Forthcoming IAPH submissions to IMO FAL 48

At the forthcoming 48th meeting of the IMO Facilitation Committee, IAPH have made a number of submissions that reflect the ongoing work and recent progress made at the Data Collaboration Committee. IAPH, alongside Pascal Ollivier, Frans Van Zoelen and other stakeholders, have submitted three documents to this session. Following the 1 January 2024 deadline requiring Contracting States to the FAL Convention to set up a Maritime Single Window (MSW), IAPH have submitted a document aiming to draw the Committee’s attention to the issue of cybersecurity and resilience of the MSW and calls for Member States to develop and operate their MSW’s in a cybersecure manner. Additionally, the paper also outlines the intentions of IAPH to continue to collaborate with Member States and international organisations to prepare a proposal to FAL 49 for a new output with the intention of amending the annex of the FAL convention to introduce mandatory requirements for protecting MSW from cyber risks. Also under this agenda item, IAPH and the WCO have an additional document that highlights the need for greater coordinated border management with the publications of the joint Guidelines on Cooperation between Customs and Port Authorities. Together with The World Bank, the third submission aims to complement the development of the IMO guidelines on Port Community Systems (PCS) by outlining the findings from the joint IAPH and World Bank report in 2023 on lessons learned from global experience and emphasises the critical need of governments to prioritise the implementation of PCS to improve efficiency. Finally, IAPH has also co-sponsored two other documents. First, continuing on the theme of digitalisation, the joint paper with BIMCO reports on a recent industry survey demonstrating the need for standardised and harmonised digital systems across ports. Also with BIMCO, Interportpolice and others, the final submission proposes a new output to revise the existing IMO Guidelines for the prevention and suppressions of the smuggling of drugs, and aligns with the ongoing work of the Risk and Resilience Committee.  IAPH will be attending FAL 48 which is taking place from 8 to 12 April 2024 and will be reporting on the outcomes of these documents in due course.

IMO agrees on plan to reduce underwater noise from ships

At the recent meeting of the IMO Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction (SDC) which took place from 22 to 26 January, Member States agreed on an Action Plan to further prevent and reduce underwater radiated noise from ships to minimise the adverse effect of underwater noise on the maritime environment, in particularly on marine wildlife and indigenous communities. The Action Plan outlines a number of tasks to be executed by Member States, including, an initial experience-building phase for delegations to share lessons learned and best practices that have emerged in the implementation of the Revised Guidelines. Other actions include enhancing public awareness and development targets for noise reduction and tools to collect and share data. The Action Plan will now be submitted for endorsement by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) at the next session being held from 18 to 22 March.

IAPH president visited Port of Vancouver

As part of a trip to North America, IAPH president Jens Meier visited the Port of Vancouver two weeks ago. Together with Simone Maraschi, chairman of the IAPH Cruise Committee and managing director of Cruise Gate Hamburg, he met with Port of Vancouver’s CEO Peter Xotta who succeeded Robin Silvester last fall. Robin also served as IAPH vice-president for North America. Joining the meeting was the port authority’s harbour master Shri Madiwal, vice-chairman of the IAPH Risk and Resilience Committee. Jens Meier warmly thanked the team at Port of Vancouver for their relentless commitment to the work of IAPH.

IAPH colleagues met in Tokyo and Kobe

Last week IAPH managing director Patrick Verhoeven and strategy and communications director Victor Shieh met up with secretary-general Masahiko Furuichi and our Japanese colleagues at the IAPH office in Tokyo as part of the implementation of the new organisational structure. They set out planning for 2024, which will include major upgrades to both IAPH and WPSP websites, the digitisation of the membership directory and major membership outreach projects. Patrick and Victor were also accompanied to meet senior representatives of the Japanese Ports and Harbors Association and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Tokyo. Next stop was Kobe, where the IAPH delegation met with the Kobe City Government’s Port and Harbor Bureau team to discuss planning for the #IAPH2025 World Ports Conference which will be held there to coincide with the association’s 70th Anniversary. It will also mark the 30th anniversary and recovery of the city since the Great Hanshin Earthquake which devastated many parts of Kobe, including the port. It was in Kobe that the first international negotiations were held back in 1952 to establish the International Association of Ports & Harbors, including at the city’s University. 



IAPH colleagues at the Tokyo office (above) and the University of Kobe (below)


Member Port News

In this edition’s round up of member port news, you will find stories from the following IAPH members:

  • Africa and Europe region:  Port Autonome de Cotonou, Port of Bergen, Hamburg Port Authority, Belfast Harbour Commissioners, Freeport of Riga Authority, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Autoritat Portuària de Barcelona, Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia (Port Authority of Valencia), Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahìa de Algeciras, Baku International Sea Trade Port, North Sea Port, Port of Göteborg AB, Port of Rotterdam Authority (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V.), Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Autoridad Portuaria de Bilbao
  • America region:  Port of Hueneme, National Ports Administration, Uruguay, Port of Oakland, Port of San Diego, Port of Los Angeles, Canaveral Port Authority, Georgia Ports Authority, Northwest Seaport Alliance
  • Asia and Oceania region:   PSA International Pte Ltd, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea, Tomakomai Port Authority, Ports and Harbours Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero), Taiwan International Ports Corp., Ltd., Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority (YGPA), Westports Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Abu Dhabi Ports, Busan Port Authority

 Check out the full line up on our Member Port News page.


World Maritime News

These maritime news stories made at the headlines over the past two weeks.
・Almost all ultra-large box tonnage sailing around Cape of Good Hope
・NY-NJ port chief sees delays, but no congestion, from Suez diversions
・Carrier reliability remains below pre-pandemic levels
・Gemini alliance a sign of wider changes within container shipping industry
・The Alliance confirms it will meet 2024 commitments
・Share of China imports to US dipped below 40% last year amid sourcing shift
・World’s first deepsea methanol-fuel boxship named Ane Maersk
・Evergreen ties up deal with X-Press Feeders for methanol-fuel feeder services
・’CMA CGM inks deal to lock in green fuel supply at Middle East bunker locations
・LNG engines emit more methane slip than shipping regulators assume, argues study
・’ONE secures approval for design of ammonia-fueled container ship
For details of each story, please visit the World Maritime News section on our website.


Calendar of Events

IAPH events and events where IAPH is represented

  • 14-15 February 2024 – CTL BHP conference – Mumbai
  • 3-6 March 2024 – TPM24 – Long Beach
  • 5-7 March 2024 – Marlog Conference – Alexandria
  • 11-15 March 2024 – IMO GHG Intersessional WG (ISWG-GHG 16) – London
  • 11-14 March 2024 – CLIA Cruise Week Europe – Genoa
  • 18-22 March 2024 – IMO Marine Environment Protection Cttee (MEPC 81) – London
  • 21-22 March 2024 – Pan African Association for Port Cooperation – Libreville
  • 25-27 March 2024 – IAPH Technical Committee Days – London
  • 8-12 April 2024 – IMO Facilitation Committee (FAL 48) – London
  • 10-11 April 2024 – PortTech Asia – Shanghai
  • 22-26 April 2024 – IMO Legal Committee (LEG 111) – London
  • 25-26 April 2024 – ESPO Conference – Paris
  • 8-9 May 2024 – Green Ports & Shipping Congress – Singapore
  • 13-24 May 2024 – IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 108) – London
  • 21-24 May 2024 – UNCTAD Global Supply Chain Forum – Barbados
  • 8-10 October 2024 – IAPH World Port Conference – Hamburg