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This week’s Insider highlight with Patrick Verhoeven


Meet the IAPH vice-presidents for 2023-2025

Further to the election of Jens Meier (CEO Hamburg Port Authority) as the next IAPH president, members of each of the six IAPH regions also elected their vice-president for the 2023-2025 term through a vote of confidence. They are Michael Achagwe Luguje (Africa; director general Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority), José Firmo (Central and South America; CEO Porto do Açu), Eugene D. Seroka (North America; executive director Port of Los Angeles), Masaharu Shinohara (South/West and East Asia and Middle East, executive director Kobe-Osaka International Port Corporation), Eranda Kotelawala (Southeast Asia and Oceania; CEO Solomon Islands Port Authority) and Stéphane Raison (Europe; CEO HAROPA Port). Regular and honorary members shall be invited to endorse the election result at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting held 2 November in Abu Dhabi. The mandates start from that day and run till the 2025 Annual General Meeting.


Michael Luguje – José Firmo – Gene Seroka
Masaharu Shinohara – Eranda Kotelawala – Stéphane Raison


IAPH established its London office

On the occasion of the 2023 edition of London International Shipping Week, we announced last week the establishment of an IAPH office in London, which consists of an office-sharing agreement with our associate member, the British Ports Association (BPA). The agreement builds on the appointment in 2021 of Rhona Macdonald as IAPH policy and IMO liaison officer, who also acts as sustainability advisor for BPA and works from their offices in Park Street, on the South Bank of London, where IAPH now also has a base. Having an office location in London will further deepen our working relationships and ties with the UK-based international maritime community. This notably includes the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), BIMCO and other international organisations with representation in London. The IAPH London office comes in addition to our headquarters in Tokyo where IAPH has been based since 1955.




Multiple publications and tools expected at #IAPH2023

The #IAPH2023 World Ports Conference is being organised to provide attendees not just with insights, but also practical tools to take back with them from Abu Dhabi to their ports and port communities. With main plenary sessions in the early morning and late afternoon dealing with the energy transition, data collaboration and resilience topics from a strategic level, multiple breakout sessions in-between will be focussed on how to use different tools developed by IAPH in practice. This includes how to best use data from the Q2 IAPH World Ports Tracker which attendees will be able to download at the session with professor Thanos Pallis and Jan Hoffmann of UNCTAD. It also includes the formal launch of the World Customs Organisation – IAPH guidelines for Customs Authorities and Ports, which have been co-developed with the involvement of many IAPH members and the national customs organisations from around the world in the last eighteen months. This session will include the participation in person of Ricardo Treviño Chapa, deputy secretary-general of the WCO. During the plenary session on data collaboration in maritime cargo supply chains, World Bank manager of the global trade and regional integration unit Sebastian Dessus will provide insights into the joint WB – IAPH global report that will be published on Port Community Systems. During the plenary session featuring the implementation of the IMO Single Window ahead of the January 2024 deadline for member states, attendees will also be guided on how to access the new IMO-WMU Introductory e-learning course on implementation of the maritime single window which was developed with inputs from IAPH. The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) will be showcasing their online Global Port Integrity Platform. During the session of the at-berth module of the IAPH Environmental Ship Index, attendees will have access to a new white paper developed especially for new incentive providers. There will also be a dedicated breakout session on how to use the recently-published IAPH Risk and Resilience guidelines for ports as well as one which illustrates how to use the Mindset Towards Innovation in ports white paper developed by some of the most advanced IAPH ports in this field. IAPH will also be showcasing the many safety tools that have been developed by its Clean Marine Fuels Working group for ports preparing to bunker ships calling at their ports using new alternative fuels, including hydrogen and methanol as well as the new Port readiness tool currently under development with WPCAP and Mission Innovation. The session on the World Ports Sustainability Program’s next steps will showcase the latest content developed for the highly successful Port Endeavor game. All the more reasons for a representative of your port to join us in Abu Dhabi. You can register here.


Last chance to vote for the IAPH Sustainability Awards

With the closing deadline of 24 September (midnight CEST) for the public vote among the eighteen finalists of the 2023 IAPH Sustainability Awards fast approaching, we want to warmly encourage you to access the voting portal at the WPSP website and vote for your favorite projects. The outcome of the public vote will count for 30% in the identification of the final winners of the six awards under the infrastructure, digitalisation, climate and energy, community building, environmental care, and health safety and security categories. We are most encouraged by the current participation that has already surpassed the one of last year, and with differences at present being only a couple of hundred votes between the competing projects in most categories, every vote till the 24 September deadline can make a difference. The final winners of the awards will be announced during the gala dinner of the World Ports Conference in Abu Dhabi on 1 November.



Port Endeavor played at London Intl Shipping Week

IAPH actively participated in the many events held during London International Shipping Week (LISW23) and we notably organised a workshop on developing the sustainable and resilient ports of the future, together with our associate members British Ports Association and TT Club, who hosted the event at their offices. The joint workshop welcomed representatives from port authorities, trade associations, government officials and other maritime and logistics stakeholders to play the Port Endeavor sustainability game. Created by IAPH and developed in partnership with APEC and UNCTAD TrainforTrade, the game enables participants to gain a practical understanding of how ports apply the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to their businesses. Featuring highlighted projects and best practices from the IAPH World Ports Sustainability Program online database, players enjoyed taking decisions on how to adapt to sustainability challenges that echo real life events and problems that ports must tackle today. To continue to build ties between the UK ports sector and its international counterparts, this workshop was an opportunity to solidify the strong partnership between BPA and IAPH as they come together on key issues which are impacting ports the world over.



Welcome to ATCO (APMS) from Saudi Arabia

We are pleased to announce that ATCO (APMS) (Ports Management and Services Division) has joined the IAPH as a regular member. ATCO (APMS) has been a marine facilities operator at the Jeddah Islamic Port and Jizan Port since 1999. The Company operates, maintains, repairs, and supplies for marine service vessels such as tugboats, pilot boats, and pollution control boats. In addition, besides controlling marine pollution in the two ports, it operates, maintains, and repairs equipment in traffic control towers and other facilities, such as a marine workshop.



Belgian justice minister addresses IAPH RRC meeting

The IAPH Risk and Resilience Committee met virtually on 19 September. The highlight of the meeting was the presence of the Belgian minister of justice and the North Sea, Vincent Van Quickenborne, who addressed the committee on the topic of illicit trade and organised crime. Belgium is leading a proposal to be submitted at IMO MSC 108 next spring for revising and extending the scope of the ISPS Code to make illegal actions part of the respective impact assessments and ensure a robust global framework and level playing field. During his intervention, the minister called for IAPH support in contributing and co-sponsoring the proposal. Belgium is working closely with many IMO Member States on this as well as with the major shipping industry associations. The draft text will be shared with IAPH for feedback and for considering co-sponsoring in the coming weeks. During the Q&A and discussion that followed, members had a positive initial reaction and committed to review the draft text and consider IAPH support to the proposal. The links were also made with the parallel ongoing dialogue between the Data Collaboration Committee and various Member States and organisations towards the direction of enhancing the cybersecurity provisions of the ISPS Code, and the earlier relevant IAPH submission to MSC 107. Overall, members agreed that illicit trade and organised crime is a topic that the committee should continue examining closely in its effort to enhance world ports resilience. Further to this item, professor Theo Notteboom presented and discussed with the members the outcomes of the fifth edition of the World Ports Tracker and received feedback on current challenges and the way forward. The new format for running the technical committee meeting targets a more in-depth discussion and exchange on a fewer number of topics. This was tested during this meeting and it was welcomed by and large by the members as a positive change. It was agreed to hold another online committee meeting in 2023, scheduled as appropriate to timely align the committee’s views and decisions with the forthcoming proposals for revising the ISPS Code.



Minister Van Quickenborne intervening online at the IAPH Risk and Resilience Committee
from the UN General Assembly meeting in New York


IAPH DCC discusses future of workforce in ports

The IAPH Data Collaboration Committee met virtually on 7 September and was well attended by over thirty members. This was the first technical committee meeting after the summer break where a new format, devoting time for in-depth discussions and exchange between members on a limited number of key topics was successfully tested. The central topic this time was the future of workforce in ports and how to prepare and attract the needed skills and talent in line with the advances in digitalisation and automation while addressing associated concerns. Members exchanged on the impact of digitalisation and automation on port employment, shared their practical experiences and projects in these fields, and reflecting on ways to attract the right talent and people in ports. The discussion will be continued in the following period in the dedicated DCC ‘future of work’ working group that will be making concrete proposals to the committee on follow-up deliverables and actions. Furthermore, members were updated on the work of the International Task Force on Port Call Optimization and the good progress that has been achieved over the summer period regarding the harmonisation and standardisation of the nautical, operational and administrative data sets that are crucial for optimising the port call process. Members also discussed the recent UN/CEFACT initiative to publish a geofence white paper focusing on defining rules and driving towards quality geofences that can be used and trusted by the industry. Finally, the committee was updated on all the ongoing joint IAPH initiatives with third parties (WCO, World Bank, Chainport, WEF) and the respective sessions and publications to take place during the World Port Conference in Abu Dhabi. The next meeting of the Data Collaboration Committee will be taking place online on 7 December 2023.     


Survey on IMO Maritime Single Window

On 1 January 2024, ports and authorities around the world will need to follow new requirements from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to use a single window to exchange data electronically. The requirement is an important step towards a more digital and efficient maritime industry. To gain insight into how advanced the digital process is today when ships call at ports, IAPH has teamed up with BIMCO, the International Federation of Shipmasters’ Associations (IFSMA), and the Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents (FONASBA) in launching a survey which is aimed at actors involved in the collection and submission of information requested by the authorities as part of a ship’s port call. The questionnaire asks how long it typically takes to complete the process of collecting and submitting the information required in a port call documentation process. It also aims to find out how the information is submitted and whether the information is submitted through a maritime single window platform. Some of the required information may need to be used by other third parties such as the agent or ship manager. Therefore, the survey will also need participation from those third parties. The results of the survey will provide insights into how prepared national authorities are for the implementation of the new regulation on establishing a maritime single window. The results will be presented in a paper to the IMO Facilitation (FAL) Committee in April 2024, when member states will discuss the implementation and potential need for further action. The survey will also serve as an indicator of the maturity and extent of maritime digitalisation in ports. The survey is conducted from September to December 2023. All responses are anonymous to ensure confidentiality. Wide distribution of the questionnaire is essential to gaining a comprehensive picture of the current state of digitalisation. Reaching all relevant stakeholders is of utmost importance in gathering valuable input. The questionnaire can be used at various ports and terminals as the level of digitalisation may differ from one call to another. Should you have any questions related to the survey, please contact BIMCO at [email protected]. You can find the survey here.


IMO launches Maritime Single Window e-learning course

Last week, the IMO launched a new free-to-access e-learning course on ‘What is the Maritime Single Window and how is it implemented?’ This course is based on the IMO guidelines for setting up a maritime single window and was developed in collaboration with the World Maritime University (WMU) under IMO’s integrated Technical Cooperation Programme (ITCP). As of 1 January 2024, it will be mandatory under the FAL Convention for ports around the world to enable the provision of all the information required on ships arrival at a port, their stay and their departure to a Maritime Single Window (MSW). This course elaborates on key aspects of the planning, implementation and operations of an MSW and provides an overview of available resources as well as case studies. Furthermore, the course will also support users in better understanding the importance of facilitation in maritime trade through exploring concepts relating to electronic data exchange and the MSW in the context of ship reporting. The course is currently available in English and can be found on the IMO Learning Management System platform which can be accessed through the IMO website or via this link. This course can be paused and re-started at any time, and participants will receive a certification to demonstrate that they have successfully completed the course.


IAPH-MEDPorts ESI seminar set for Barcelona

IAPH and the MEDPorts Association have announced an exclusive seminar to be held on 30 November at the Barcelona World Trade Centre. The seminar, titled ‘How to incentivise shipowners to reduce emissions’, will focus on how IAPH’s Environmental Ship Index (ESI) can positively impact Mediterranean shipping emission reductions and create sustainable port opportunities for the region. Free to both IAPH and MEDPorts members, this knowledge-sharing event will include contributions from port leaders and environmental experts. Attendees will also gain an understanding of the future direction of ESI following the recent raising of IMO GHG emissions reductions strategy. You can register for this free seminar by emailing [email protected].



ESI presented at Réunion Maritime Week

From 12 to 14 September, Réunion Maritime Week was hosted by Port Réunion and officially endorsed by the Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa (PMAESA) and the Association of Indian Ocean Islands Ports. Organised by IAPH associate member Transport Events, the programme featured a two-days conference which addressed issues, challenges, solutions and innovations in port operations, shipping, supply chain and logistics strategies. Representing the ESI Advisory Board, Manfred Lebmeier (Hamburg Port Authority), participated in the programme with an introduction to the IAPH Environmental Ship Index and its future development. You can find his presentation here. Manfred also attended an ESI awarding ceremony for shipping companies registered at Port Réunion, handing over the award to Hoegh Lines.



IAPH discussed decarbonisation at WMU seminar

On 30 August, IAPH policy and IMO liaison officer Rhona Macdonald visited the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden, to provide a presentation as part of an international seminar on ‘MARPOL at 50 – Our commitment goes on: Maritime Decarbonisation’. This seminar brought together representatives from the IMO and the EU, with support of the EU Horizon Europe-funded project SeaEnergy (Sustainability Education Program for greener fuels and energy in ports). This project aims to support ports in their transition to zero-emission, clean energy hubs of the future. Rhona’s presentation focused on the role of ports in maritime decarbonisation, but also addressed how ports will play a critical role in supporting the wider global supply chain to meet international GHG reduction targets. The session included presentations from other maritime stakeholders, including the Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Centre for Zero Carbon Shipping and the European Commission, who came together to discuss green technologies and ways of promoting global collaboration and capacity building in maritime decarbonisation.


Rhona Macdonald at the WMU seminar. Third from left is the new WMU president Max Mejia.


Next IAPH Harbor Café on Clean Energy Marine hubs

As part of the run-up to the World Ports Conference in Abu Dhabi, all members are very welcome to join the next IAPH Harbor Café, organised by our colleagues from the Europe and Africa regions and taking place on a Teams call on 29 September at 2.30 PM CEST. The Café will focus on the recently announced Clean Energy Marine Hubs initiative launched by both IAPH and the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) in July. The session will feature an overview by ICS’ head of innovation and partnerships Nelson Mojarro who will discuss the role of ports in the production, storage, and seaborne transportation of future low and zero carbon energy on a global scale and how to de-risk investments in port infrastructure. The session will include interventions on this subject by Hamburg Port Authority, and their partnership with the Port of Halifax, as well as by Namibian Ports Authority on their ambitious plans to be part of the first movers. In addition to looking at the export of low and zero carbon fuels by tankers, the Harbor Café will also look at the bunkering of ships using new alternative fuels such as methanol and ammonia as well as existing fuels such as LNG and how ports can establish infrastructure. This will include an interview with the chair and vice-chair of the IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group from the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam on safety tools available to all ports, as well as an update on the development of a Port Readiness Tool for new alternative fuels. If you like to participate, kindly contact Fabienne Van Loo: [email protected].



IMO workshop on underwater noise from ships

This week from 18 to 19 September, the IMO held a workshop on the relationship between energy efficiency and underwater radiated noise (URN) from ships. This comes after MEPC 80 approved the revised guidelines for the reduction of underwater radiated noise from shipping to address adverse impacts on marine life in July this year. The workshop welcomed member states and international organisations, together with technical, regulatory and policy experts in the fields of ship design, energy efficiency, URN and GHG emissions, with the purpose of including wide participation from industry with practical experience in implementing both GHG and emissions reductions programmes.The workshop considered the design and technological changes and improvements needed to reduce overall emissions, as well as operational measures and how to bridge the gaps and scale up the solutions to simultaneously improve efficiency and reduce noise. As part of the IAPH delegation, this workshop was attended by Bruce Anderson from Starcrest, commissioner Fred Felleman from Port of Seattle, and Derek White from Port of Vancouver.


Member Port News

In this edition’s round up of member port news, you will find stories from the following IAPH members:
  • Africa and Europe region: Oslo Port Authority, Port of Beirut, Cartagena Port Authority, Gibraltar Port Authority, HAROPA PORT, North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, Port of Bergen, Ports of Cabo Verde, APS- Administração dos Portos de Sines e do Algarve, SA, Autoridad Portuaria de Bilbao, Belfast Harbour Commissioners, Port of Amsterdam, Port of Rotterdam Authority (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V.), Autorità Portuale di Genova (Port Authority of Genoa), Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla, Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia (Port Authority of Valencia), bremenports GmbH & Co. KG, Freeport of Riga Authority, Municipality of The Hague / Port Authority & Operations Centre, Port Authority of Vigo, Port of London Authority, Hamburg Port Authority, North Sea Port, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Autoridad Portuaria de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Ports of Tenerife), Autoritat Portuària de Barcelona, Autoridad Portuaria de Huelva, Cyprus Ports Authority
  • America region: Montreal Port Authority, Autoridad Marítima de Panamá (Panama Maritime Authority), Companhia de Intergração do Complexo Portuário do Pecém – CIPP, Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), Port Saint John, Port of Long Beach, Port of San Diego, Port of Seattle, Port of Los Angeles, National Ports Administration, Uruguay, Northwest Seaport Alliance, Port of Oakland
  • Asia and Oceania region:  Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd, Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority (YGPA), Ports and Harbours Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), Port Klang Authority, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero), Solomon Islands Ports Authority, Busan Port Authority, Yokohama Port Corporation, China Merchants Port Holdings Co Ltd, Marine and Water Bureau, Government of Macau, SAR, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Port of Tokyo), DP World, Incheon Port Authority, NSW Ports, Sabah Ports Sdn Bhd, Busan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries, Incheon Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries, Lyttelton Port Company Ltd., Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Taiwan International Ports Corp., Ltd., Ulsan Port Authority, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)
 Check out the full line up on our Member Port News page.

World Maritime News

These maritime news stories made the headlines over the past two weeks: 

  • More carriers emerge as global operators
  • Shanghai ready to offer green methanol bunkering service in 2024
  • Green corridors nearing make-or-break moment, Global Maritime Forum argues
  • Shipping must be better prepared for climate risk, warns Lloyd’s Register forecast
  • Shipping will need a ‘staggering’ 30%-40% of global CO2-neutral fuel by 2030 – DNV
  • Shipping won’t get to choose its alternative fuel, Shell says
  • Topics on shipping line’s decarbonisation
  • Key supply chain stakeholders commit to electric bills of lading

 For details of each story, please visit the World Maritime News section on our website


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