COVID-19 updates (19)

Europe and Africa Region


Durres Port Authority

May 11: Restrictions on the direct impact of the pandemic on passenger transport, increase the volume of freight transport by ferry



Valencia Port

May 16: The Port of València moves 479,171 containers in April and sets monthly and year-on-year records


America Region


Port Canaveral

May 14: Port Canaveral and State of Florida Establish an On-site COVID-19 Vaccination Center


Port of Los Angeles



Asia and Oceania Region


Guangzhou Port Authority

May 11: Day and night cruises on the Pearl River are in full swing, and the number of tourists during May 1st hit a new high



Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways

May 15: DGS Circular No15 addendum-2 to DGS Circular No9

May 14: DGS Order No.24- Restricting Ship to shore interactions during second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

May 14: DGS Order No.23 – endorsements of Certificates and extension of validity of Certificates during COVID-19 Pandemic.

May 12: CLARIFICATION- DGS Circular No.13- Maritime Advisory on sign-off seafarers during second wave of COVID-19.

May 11: DGS Order No.21 of 2021- Extension to the validity of ship sanitation certificate in view of COVID-19 Pandemic.

May 11: DGS Order No.20 of 2021- Extension of the validity of Recruitment and Placement of Seafarers License (RPSL) and Audit of RPSL in view of COVID 19 outbreak.



Port of Hakata, Fukuoka City

May 14: to Prevent Spreading COVID-19


Port of Kobe

May 11: against COVID-19


Port of Shimonoseki

May 11: to the passengers for Islands



Maritime and Port Authority

May 10: Maritime Companies Committed to Nurturing Young Talents Despite COVID-19 Challenges

May 9: Precautionary Measures in Seaport Stepped Up


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ports Authority

May 11: Colombo Port to offer thousand beds for Covid-19 patients