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Port of Rotterdam Authority (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V.)

The port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest sea port. The port owes its leading position to its outstanding accessibility for sea-going vessels. In addition, the port of Rotterdam creates direct and indirect employment for some 385,000 people, in businesses throughout the Netherlands. A place where unlimited ambitions can become reality. The objective of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to enhance the port’s competitive position as a logistics hub and world-class industrial complex. Not only in terms of size, but also with regard to quality. The Port Authority is therefore leading the transition to sustainable energy and it is committed to digitalisation in order to make the port, and the supply chain, more efficient. The core tasks of the Port Authority are to develop, manage and exploit the port in a sustainable way and to deliver speedy and safe services for shipping.


Region Europe Country Netherlands
Member Type Regular Member Joined Year 1963
Ports Port of Rotterdam
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