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Autorità Portuale di Genova (Port Authority of Genoa)

In 2016 the government reformed the governance of the Italian port network with the aim of improving efficiency and increasing the capacity to stimulate employment and economic growth by promoting cooperation between neighbouring ports and simplifying administrative procedures. Governance of the Italian ports has been assigned to fifteen Port Authorities, led by a President assisted by a streamlined Management Committee, which also play a key role as proactive European TEN-T networkers. The Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority has been assigned the joint management of the ports of Genoa, Savona and Vado Ligure, which together rank as Italy’s leading port cluster, as the Rhine-Alpine Corridor’s last Mediterranean port of call and as the gateway port to Southern Europe. It is an important challenge which the newly established Port Authority faces, further compounded by the need to integrate simultaneously the pre-existing Port Authorities of Genoa and Savona, whilst ensuring the smooth running of the ports during the period of transition.


Region Europe Country Italy
Member Type Regular Member Joined Year 2000
Ports Port of Genoa, Porto of PRA, Port of Savona, Port of Vado Ligure
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