IAPH managing director spoke at MEDports forum

The MEDports Association groups 23 ports on the northern, eastern and southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. On 7-8 July, the association held an international forum in Civitavecchia, Italy, to discuss the challenges of digitalisation for Mediterranean ports. IAPH managing director Patrick Verhoeven delivered the opening keynote address, in which he presented the course IAPH set in 2020 to accelerate digitalisation in the port sector, discussing subsequent initiatives to stimulate data collaboration. Taking the progress made with port call optimisation as an illustration of how challenges in terms of complexity of processes, trust between stakeholders and international data standards can be overcome, Patrick referred to the need to start similar processes on port-cargo and port-hinterland interfaces to arrive at supply chain optimisation, meeting the needs of cargo owners, the ultimate customers of ports. You can download Patrick’s presentation here. If you are interested to obtain the other presentations given at the two-day forum, contact the MEDports secretariat.