IAPH gives industry view on cyber at global symposium

The UK Department of Transport (DfT) invited IAPH to offer ‘the industry perspective’ on cybersecurity during the Global MTS Cyber Security Symposium 2024 (GMTSC24), which took place 8-10 May in Westminster, London. Speaking as a panellist, business development director Nick Blackmore explained IAPH’s role in accelerating digitalisation across the maritime supply chain, with specific reference to the association’s Cybersecurity Guidelines for Ports and Port Facilities, which are recognised within the IMO’s Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management. Nick further highlighted IAPH’s recent submission at FAL 48 (‘Safeguarding the cybersecurity of the Maritime Single Window’) and its co-sponsorship of a submission to revise the 2017 IMO Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management at MSC 108, beginning this week. DfT hosted the symposium in its role as Chair of the International Partnership for Maritime Cyber Security (IMPCS) – a partnership between Denmark, the Netherlands, the USA, Australia, Singapore and the UK.



Nick Blackmore, right, speaks at GMTSC24 on a panel moderated by Miles Gidlow (DfT),

featuring Geraint Evans (UKMPG) and Ritesh Prakashan (Zodiac Shipping)