IAPH visited port members in Mumbai and Chennai

Last week, IAPH strategy and communications director Victor Shieh joined regional representative for India Ennarasu Karunesan on a tour of Mumbai and Chennai. The first visit was to Mumbai Port Authority and its chairman Rajiv Jalota, who is also chairman of the Indian Ports Association. There was a one-to-one meeting followed by an overall presentation of IAPH to the management team. This was followed by a visit the same day to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority. Meetings were held with, among others, chairman Unmesh Sharad Wagh, marketing manager Ambika Singh and the port’s chief mechanical engineer. The next day Ennarasu and Victor met with Chennai Port Authority, holding talks with chairman Sunwill Paliwal and deputy chairman S. Viswanathan. A meeting also took place the same day at the headquarters of the Indian Maritime University with pro vice chancellor Rajoo Balaji.


IAPH’s Victor Shieh and Ennarasu Karunesan (foreground, right) meet with Mumbai Port Authority and

IPA chairman Rajiv Jalota (foreground, left) and his management team