Third APEC-CMAT-IAPH port strategy course completed

The International Port Strategy course, which we organised for the third year with our associate members APEC Port Training and C-MAT, was completed last week Friday with a graduation ceremony held at the campus of the Antwerp Management School. Port professionals from Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Lithuania, Oman, Senegal, Thailand and Uruguay followed a rigorous four-week online session with renowned international speakers, followed by a week of onsite visits to the wider port area of Antwerp and Zeebrugge for a hands-on experience. Throughout the online sessions, participants were exposed to a wide range of topics that aimed to deepen their understanding of the global port industry. These topics were discussed in different models included global macroeconomic and geopolitical shifts, reflections on climate change, energy transition, and sustainability, as well as changes in the global supply chain. The programme also covered regional evolutions in port development and port management and strategy, providing the participants with a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the industry. The week-long visit to the Port of Antwerp-Bruges complex was a crucial component. It offered the participants a rare opportunity to witness first-hand the operations and processes of the various actors in the supply chain. Additionally, the WPSP Port Endeavour game allowed participants to put their learnings into practice and gain valuable insights on how to adapt the UN Sustainable Development Goals into port development projects. Overall, participants were equipped with valuable skills, knowledge, and insights that they can apply to their respective organisations and the global port industry. Congratulations to all graduates of the course and we wish them all the best!