IAPH cybersecurity submission for IMO MSC 107

The forthcoming 107th meeting of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 107) is due to take place from 31 May to 9 June 20 in London. As part of the work programme, the Committee is expected to discuss steps to enhance maritime cybersecurity which includes a submission made by IAPH highlighting the critical importance of cybersecurity as an inherent component of the Maritime Single Window (MSW) and all developments of digital infrastructure in ports and maritime transport. As well as urging Member States to integrate cybersecurity in the implementation and operation of a mandatory MSW, the paper calls for capacity-building and cooperation in supporting states to do so by the deadline of 1 January 2024. Furthermore, IAPH also outlines its support for another submission made by Australia et al. proposing a new output to consider a comprehensive review of the 2017 Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management and to identify possible next steps to enhance maritime cybersecurity. The co-sponsors of this paper are of the view that such a review will provide a more uniform approach to demands on cyber risk management, further promote a culture of cybersecurity in the maritime domain, and overall enhance cyber resilience and protect global supply chains. Attending MSC as part of the IAPH delegation will be Rhona Macdonald, Antonis Michail, Pascal Ollivier and Frans Van Zoelen. We will be following discussions on the topic and will report on the outcomes in due course.