First Ports & Harbors issue of 2023 is out

In the first Ports & Harbors issue of the year, we interview Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta, CEO of DB Cargo, which has the largest railway fleet and the highest number of rail freight traffic points in Europe. Dr Nikutta and IAPH managing director Patrick Verhoeven discuss how innovation and efficiency through digitalisation can bring port and landside supply chain connectivity as well as inland waterway transportation closer together. Also featuring in this edition: how to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning in maritime logistics is explored in depth by Fraunhofer’s Joshua Müller. We also get an update on wind propulsion by Smart Green Shipping’s Diane Gilpin, a “how to” guide to keeping your port secure with Genetec’s Simon Barnes and the latest IAPH World Ports Tracker summary report from professors Theo Notteboom and Thanos Pallis. We have two new sections with Nautilus trade union secretary general Mark Dickinson commenting on recent global port worker strikes in Wakeup Call and Jacobs’ director for ports and maritime and global transportation business Patrick King offering his insights on how to Close the Gaps in port infrastructure from an engineering perspective.