Port Endeavor partners held first annual review meeting

On 27 and 28 October, IAPH and its Port Endeavor game partners APEC (Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Center) and UNCTAD TrainForTrade met at the headquarters of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges in order to share experiences on gameplays, content and to brainstorm about the next version of the game, which gives insight on how ports integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into their business. The meeting coincided a year on since the first post-pandemic, in-person gameplays were organised by both partners with the support of IAPH in Antwerp, Belgium and Gijón, Spain in October last year. Since then, many games have been played with hundreds of port professionals around the world, with Port Endeavor now fully integrated into UNCTAD TrainForTrade’s Port Management Programme and APEC’s Environmental Management, Port Management and Smart Ports courses. Brainstorms were held over how to expand the reach of the game given its proven popularity. In addition, ideas were shared on improvements and enhancements to game dynamics, functionality, moderation, and management as well as planned new content for the activities and events which brings the World Ports Sustainability Program database of best practices to life for game participants. IAPH and both partners have committed to an ambitious plan to innovate and expand the playing of the game further, which will be communicated to IAPH members as the new version rolls out in the coming year.