First quarterly results World Ports Tracker published

We are pleased to announce that the first quarterly dashboard and detailed report of the IAPH World Ports Tracker has been produced for our members, aiming to track critical aspects on the evolving changes in the global port industry. It is the first report of its kind to monitor trends of all cargo types being handled at world ports and it has also incorporated global trends in cruise and passenger vessel activities. With the ongoing global supply chain crunch and the resurgence of the cruise industry impacting many of the world’s ports, the report also delves into hinterland connectivity, warehouse utilisation and regional analyses of the data collected from small and large seaports and river ports alike as well as obtaining forecasts from respondents on how they see vessel call, cargo and passenger volumes in the upcoming twelve months. Ports that have contributed to the World Ports Tracker survey are exclusively receiving the full analysis this week, in return for their data sharing effort. As an example to encourage additional ports to join the quarterly survey, the first IAPH World Ports Tracker Dashboard is included below. The September-October edition of the IAPH members’ magazine Ports & Harbors will feature a summary of this first detailed survey-based report. It will also be combined with a summary of second quarter container port statistics from 2022 based on S&P Global Port Performance Program data which offers aggregated vessel call numbers, vessel size analyses, the evolution of call size, and port moves per hour, aggregated per region. Following the end of the third quarter, the next survey questionnaire will go out in mid-October, with any participating ports receiving the full report incorporating S&P and the global survey data by mid-November. A summary of this full report will appear in the first edition of Ports & Harbors in the New Year. Ports interested to join the World Ports Tracker community and join the next survey are invited to contact Fabienne Van Loo.