Welcome! Port Technology International from the UK

We are pleased to announce that Port Technology International joined the IAPH as an associate member.

Port Technology International is the premier media company for the ports and terminals sector. Founded in 1995, the company has grown from publishing a world-leading Journal to producing events, webinars, and other multimedia content. Its community comprises over 35,000 senior executives and key decision-makers across the ports and terminals industry.

Through its Journal, events, and digital media offerings, PTI covers the latest technologies and innovations being adopted across the industry, including terminals, digitalization, automation, shipping, global trade, sustainability, and the energy transition.


For more information on the company, please visit the following websites.



Its events are as follows:

– Container Terminal Automation conference – https://ctac.ptievents.com/

– Smart Digital Ports of the Future – https://sdp.ptievents.com/

– Cyber Security for Ports and Terminals – https://cybersecurity.ptievents.com/

– GreenTech for Ports and Terminals – https://greentech.ptievents.com/

– Intermodal Freight Forum Europe –  https://intermodal.ptievents.com/