President Milà speaks in Shenzhen and Busan

President Mlia speaks at Forum in Shenzhen, ChinaInvited by Shenzhen Ports & Cargo Transportation Administration, IAPH President Santiago Garcia-Milà represented and spoke about IAPH at the 2nd 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Forum and the 5th Shenzhen International Port Chain Strategy Forum that were held on October 13 at Marco Polo Hotel in Shenzhen, China.


During the presentation, he focused on challenges faced by ports from the perspective of IAPH by referring to IAPH resolutions adopted in Hamburg in 2015 and in Panama City in 2016, e.g. overweight containers and ship recycling.


161103_President_Mila_Busan_ConfAlso President represented IAPH at the 4th Busan International Port Conference (BIPC 2016) that was organized by Busan Port Authority in Busan, Korea from November 3 to 4 under the theme of “Cross Over the Wave of Uncertainty”. In his key note address, President focused on current global logistics trends including the Northern Sea Route, expanded Panama and Suez Canals and also several challenges faced by ports in the world including the effects of larger container ships, smart port concept, etc.


Among the conference speakers, we could see such a familiar IAPH member port CEO as Mr. Jens Meier (Hamburg Port Authority), and Mr. Gene Seroka (Port of Los Angeles).