IAPH World Ports Conference 2013

Speakers’ Presentations


New Realities in the Global Economy


Sung Won Sohn

A Global Assessment – New Realities in the Global Economy


Chang Dechuan

A Perspective from China – Prospects on World Port Development


Walter Kemmsies

A Perspective on Latin America – Anticipating Economic Trends Resulting from the Panama Canal Expansion


Patrick Verhoeven

A Perspective from Europe – Port Governance Issues in Europe


Planning for the Unplanned


Richard Larrabee

Responding to and Recovering from Super Storm Sandy


Takashi Owaki

2011 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami – lessons Learned


Lucy Jones

Tsunami Scenario: A Scientific Approach to Understanding and Managing. Port Risk to Natural Hazard




Zero Emissions Strategies


Michael Christensen

The Los Angeles Perspective


Yu Wang

The Shanghai Perspective


Jens Meier

The Hamburg Perspective


Ottonel Popesco

The Business Perspective


The Emergence of LNG and What it Means for Ports Worldwide


Dana Lowell

Global Overview – Emergence of LNG in the Maritime Industry


Ben Christian

A Cargo Carrier’s Business Case for LNG Vessels


Andrew Clifton

A Perspective from Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators


Tessa Major

IAPH World Port Climate Initiative LNG Working Group Update


Developments in Trucking Logistics


Grant Gilfillan

Sydney’s Portal System (PBLIS)


Dov Frohlinger

Gate Control Integration with Port Community System


J. Christopher Lytle

Chassis Pool Considerations at the Ports of Long Beach & Los Angeles


John Holmes

Perspectives on the Fight Against Maritime Piracy


Hugh R. Williamson

A Legal Investigator’s Assessment 


Donna J. Nincic

A Maritime Industry Expert’s Perspective


Jakob P. Larsen

A Shipping Industry Perspective




Session A: Port Community Systems


Ramon Gomez-Ferrer

Port of Valencia’s PCS Overview


Jerome Besancenot

French Port Single Window Initiative & Le Havre Case Study


Kassim Traore

Port Community System at the Port of Cotonou


Santiago Garcia-Mila Lloveras

New Challenges for Port Community Systems



Session B:


Anne Sigrid Hamran

IAPH Women’s Forum


Marcia Ferranto

“Women at the Helm” video presented by International Maritime Organization


Susan Wise


Karin Orsel



Session A:

Do You Really Want to Do It? Port Project Decision Criteria, ROI and Beyond


Peter Mollema


Martin Byrne


John Wolfe



Session B:

The Challenges Facing Ports and Cruise Lines in Light of a Growing Industry


John Stoll

A Cruise Line’s Perspective 


John Tercek

A Cruise Line’s Perspective 


Grant Gilfillan

A Cruise Port’s Perspective 


Santiago Garcia-Mila Lloveras

A Cruise Port’s Perspective