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This week’s Insider highlights with MD Patrick Verhoeven



IAPH publishes Closing the Gaps report

Following nine months of interaction with our members and stakeholders in the wider global maritime logistics chain, we published last week the summary report ‘Closing the Gaps – key actions in digitalization, decarbonization and resilience the maritime sector’. The report defines and identifies, on a global level, principal port-related infrastructure gaps as well as ways to close them. The report was produced in cooperation with the World Bank, our partner in the preparatory process. The regional workshops took place during the first half of 2022 under the Chatham House rule between shippers, forwarders, container carriers, shipowners, NVOCCs, shipping agencies, digital innovators, terminal operators, port authorities, consultants, real estate experts, leading maritime academics and financing institutions. The findings of the workshops were then summarised and discussed at eight regional forums which took place in person in May at the IAPH World Ports Conference in Vancouver. The result of this exercise is now reflected in the report which is available to the global maritime community. Our first follow-up output has already been produced: a white paper fact sheet guide from experienced ports who have successfully integrated innovation into their business models (see article in this Insider). Other anticipated outputs in the coming months include a new suite of safety-related port bunkering and terminal tools for the emerging zero carbon fuels and a basic, easy-to-use guide for ports looking to establish a structured approach to resilience. To download your copy of the IAPH report “Closing the Gaps – key actions in digitalization, decarbonization and resilience the maritime sector”, click here. If you wish to view the report on your screen, we have published a page-turner version on the ISSUU platform.



Save the date: 2023 World Ports Conference in Abu Dhabi

The follow-up and implementation of the ‘Closing the Gaps’ agenda will also shape the programme and format of next year’s IAPH World Ports Conference. The dates have now been set for 31 October – 2 November 2023 and the event will be organised in partnership with host sponsor Abu Dhabi Ports and our events and media partner S&P Global. The programme will be set against the multiple headwinds that ports are facing. Geopolitical tensions, an impending energy crisis, global inflation, post-pandemic disruptions and extreme weather are all impacting world trade and economic prosperity. After last year’s exercise to identify how to close the gaps in global port infrastructure, IAPH2023 in Abu Dhabi will bring ports and their business partners together to innovate, finance, invest in and sustain successful long-term energy transition digital transformation and resilience in a highly unpredictable world. Check out the conference website and register for updates. If you are interested in sponsoring, please consult this page.



Ten recommendations to shape an innovation mindset

Expert members from the IAPH Innovation Group have been busy over the summer months, with their ports already having successfully committed investments in people and resources when it comes to innovation. Their contributions, which are now published with the IAPH factsheet guide ‘The mindset shift towards innovation‘, highlight their pioneering efforts to integrate innovation into their port businesses. The publication, which is just 20 pages in length, offers ten recommendations to all port leadership teams on how to integrate innovation in practice. There are further details on the ‘how’ in the following sequential, two-page chapters, with a specific case example in each about how one port succeeded in its quest. The team of authors was led by Gadi Benmoshe (Marinnovators), chairman of the IAPH Innovation Group. The short, non-technical guide explains the positive role innovation can play in organisations and follows the recommendations cited in the IAPH – World Bank Closing the Gaps report on global port infrastructure. The expert team now intends to showcase this white paper’s content to the wider ports community, such as at the in-person upcoming Valencia Digital Summit as well as the Smart Port-Piers of the future event in Barcelona. To download your copy of the ‘The mindset shift towards innovation’, click here. For an easy-to-use page turner version, use this click-through link.


The Sky’s the Limit: Harbor Café on 5G and aerial robotics

Innovation is a key theme discussed online between the IAPH membership using the Harbor Café format. The publication of the IAPH Innovation paper coincided with the latest IAPH Harbor Café, which took place 11 October as a joint organisation between the IAPH Africa and Europe regions. This edition included conversations with Belfast Harbour on their 5G network implementation, DB Schenker on using heavy-duty drones for logistics, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority on the introduction of unmanned systems technology and Blue Atlas Robotics on digital twins for underwater assets. The session included informal interviews of those IAPH port colleagues involved, providing original insights and reality checks regarding risk levels, security issues and return on investment. If you missed the Harbor Café broadcast or want to revisit it, you can view the recording in the video below.



Maritime single window: a window of opportunities

On 1 January 2024, the maritime single window (MSW) for data exchange between ship and shore will become mandatory in ports around the world, following amendments to the IMO Facilitation (FAL) Convention that were adopted last spring. The maritime single window constitutes a significant step in the digitalisation of the maritime sector, but it also presents several implementation challenges. To facilitate the process, IAPH has teamed up with BIMCO and the IMO secretariat in a campaign that will raise awareness about the benefits of the maritime single window concept and provide input and support to governments, ports and shipping companies. The campaign includes a general awareness webinar on 24 October, which will highlight the benefits and opportunities for maritime trade arising from the application of the maritime single window to electronic ship clearance processes in ports, and a two-day symposium to be held at the IMO headquarters in London in hybrid format on 18-19 January 2023. The symposium will cover both technical and resource aspects and present best practice solutions.The October webinar will be streamed on the IMO YouTube channel from 12.30 PM to 1.30 PM CEST. There is no need for registration.



Welcome to associate member from India

We are pleased to announce that Portall Infosystems has joined IAPH as an associate member. It was created in 2017 as part of the JM Baxi Group. Portall Infosystems comes with a mission to transform the Indian logistics landscape with simple-to-use, technology-rich, multitenancy B2B and B2C portals for managing various aspects of the global supply chain. It facilitates a vibrant ecosystem that can deliver a seamless, digital, and transparent value proposition to exporters, importers, and 3PL companies in the Indian subcontinent.



IAPH is at World Maritime Day Parallel Event in Durban

Following the general celebration of this year’s World Maritime Day at the IMO headquarters in London two weeks ago, the government of South Africa is hosting the World Maritime Day Parallel Event in Durban this week, under the theme ‘New Technologies for Greener Shipping’. Attended by delegates from the South African maritime cluster, the wider African continent and various IMO delegations, the three-day conference is comparing global perspectives on decarbonisation of shipping, collaboration and capacity building, digitalisation for safer and efficient shipping, and blue economy development. IAPH managing director Patrick Verhoeven was invited by the South African government to attend the event and he will be delivering a presentation this morning on IAPH’s work to foster data collaboration in port and maritime supply chains, increasing the overall resilience of port systems. You can already download his presentation here. Full proceedings of the event will be available from the event website shortly.


Patrick Verhoeven in Durban with IMO SG Kitack Lim and Ghana transport minister Kwaku Ofori Asiamah


IAPH presented at Australian Decarbonisation Summit

IAPH technical director Antonis Michail was invited to speak at the 2nd Maritime Decarbonisation Summit organised by Maritime Industry Australia Ltd, the peak body representing the Australian shipping industry, held 12 October in Sydney. Antonis joined the summit virtually to present an overview of IAPH’s work on the decarbonisation of ports and shipping focussing in particular on the Environmental Ship Index, the Clean Marine Fuels working group, and the world ports’ contribution to the ongoing decision-making process at IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee. Joined in the panel by the CEO of NSW Port Authority, Phillip Holliday, the ESG director at CSL Group, Emily Pointon, and the head of innovation at Svitzer, David Bartnik, Antonis discussed and exchanged with participants the overall role of ports in the energy transition of maritime transport. You can download Antonis’ presentation here.



Results IAPH Cruise Committee meeting

The IAPH Cruise Committee met 6 October in online format. It was the second meeting of the Committee, following its re-launch at the World Ports Conference in Vancouver. Members nominated Simone Maraschi (Hamburg Cruise Gate) as the Committee’s chairman. His nomination is to be confirmed by the IAPH Board.  The principal point on the agenda was the set-up of an Onshore Power Supply (OPS) Cruise Platform. Members discussed results of a test survey into port and ship-related OPS data and agreed to take the survey to the global cruise ports’ community. Dialogue with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), represented at the meeting, would be pursued to come to a good overview of the OPS readiness of the cruise fleet. The Committee also agreed to work on story-based OPS guidance for cruise ports, taking the format of the recently published IAPH Innovation factsheet guide. Members were further given an update on the ESI ‘at berth’ module for cruise vessels and the application of the Green Corridors concept to cruise shipping, with the Pacific Northwest Green Corridor as case-study. Finally, the Committee took note of ongoing IAPH work on the maritime single window concept and the World Ports Tracker, considering specific aspects for cruise shipping. The next meeting of the Committee is planned for December this year, with the concrete date to be confirmed soon.


Results IAPH Risk and Resilience Committee meeting

The IAPH Risk and Resilience Committee met virtually on 12 October, guided by Niels Vanlaer (Port of Antwerp) and Shri Madiwal (Port of Vancouver), respectively the nominated committee chairman and vice-chairman. Members discussed and approved the way forward with the development of the guidelines for business continuity policy and risk preparedness for ports, one of the key deliverables of the committee for 2022. While a core guidance document will be finalised by the end of this year, it will be complemented by port case studies and contributions in an online and interactive format from the beginning of next year onwards. Reflecting on supply chain disruptions emanating from the Ukrainian conflict and beyond, members agreed that ports should proactively stay focused on long-term strategies while reactively responding to occurring disruptions that are becoming the new business as usual. On port performance and competitiveness, the Committee welcomed the findings of the recently published ‘Close the Gaps’ report, agreed to build along those its work programme for the years to come. Members also discussed progress with the World Ports Tracker ahead of a new data collection exercise towards the end of October. Furthermore, the Committee reviewed progress on some of the individual topics on its radar, including climate resilience, anti-corruption, and safe handling of dangerous goods. On the latter topic, members discussed a proposal for an MoU for joint work between IAPH and ICHCA. Finally, members were briefed on the key topics and expectations from the forthcoming IMO Marine Safety Committee meeting in November. The next meeting of the Risk and Resilience Committee will be taking place in January 2023 with the exact date to be announced in due time.


October ESI scores published

The latest scores of the IAPH Environmental Ship Index (ESI) project were published on 1 October. The number of vessels with an ESI score above 20 is at 4,762, whereas the total number of vessels in the ESI database is at 6,896. The average ESI score is 29.3. The number of incentive providers is 58 as of 1 October. Is your port already part of the ESI programme? If not, find out more on the ESI website or contact the ESI team at admin@environmentalshipindex.org.



IMO Low Carbon GIA launches ship-port interface portal

The IMO-Norway GreenVoyage2050 programme is celebrating five years of its Global Industry Alliance to Support Low Carbon Shipping (Low Carbon GIA). The Low Carbon GIA is a public-private partnership that provides a collaborative platform for maritime industry leaders to support an energy efficient and low carbon maritime transport system. The current workstreams of the Low Carbon GIA are energy efficiency technologies and operational best practices; alternative low- and zero-carbon fuels; and emissions in the ship-port interface. Under the latter workstream, an online Ship-Port Interface Measures Portal has now been launched, which focuses on eight practical measures which can support GHG emission reduction at the ship-port interface. This is a portal based on the Ship-Port Interface Guide – Practical Measures to Reduce GHG Emissions, which was published last year. The practical measures are becoming increasingly important in the domain of operational efficiency to reduce emissions from shipping and highlight the required close cooperation between port authorities, terminals and shipping. The Low Carbon GIA was originally established in 2017 and it currently consists of fourteen member companies across the maritime value chain, including the Port of Rotterdam. They work together to encourage the uptake and implementation of energy efficiency technologies, operational best practices and alternative low- and zero-carbon fuels. More information about the Low Carbon GIA workstreams can be found here.


McKinsey issues framework for Green Shipping Corridors

Since its introduction at the COP 26 Climate Conference in Glasgow last year, the ‘Green Shipping Corridor’ concept has got widespread attention. Several intentions to create such corridors have been announced since, with different initiators, including ports, shipping lines, cargo owners and governments at different levels. Working in conjunction with the Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, McKinsey has now provided a framework for evaluating potential Green Shipping Corridors. The report is intended to serve as a ready-to-use guide for any stakeholder involved in green corridors for decarbonising shipping and includes 80+ off-the-shelf pages outlining methodology, analysis, and illustrative templates at each step of the value chain and across the ecosystem. The report is meant to be a living document that will be refined over time as more knowledge and hands-on experience is collectively gained building green corridors. Three types of corridors are defined, a single point, point-to-point (two ports), and a network (three, or more, ports). Evaluating the feasibility of a route involves forecasts on a broad range of simultaneously determined variables. Major areas to be considered are alternative fuel supply chains, port and bunkering infrastructures, the vessel capability, and the demand side of moving cargoes on the route. The McKinsey framework can be downloaded here.


Member Port News

In this edition’s round up of member port news, you will find stories from the following IAPH members: 

  • Africa-Europe region: Puertos del Estado, Hamburg Port Authority, Port of Rotterdam Authority, Port Autonome de Cotonou, National Ports Agency Morocco, Belfast Harbour Commissioners, Port Autonome de San Pedro, Port of Helsinki, Autorità Portuale di Genova, North Sea Port, Port Authority of Vigo,  Autoridad Portuaria de Bilbao, Grand Port Maritime de Marseille, HAROPA Port, Port of Gdansk Authority, Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla, Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company, JadeWeserPort, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Nigerian Ports Authority, Port Autonome de Conakry, Autoridad Portuaria de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Oslo Port Authority, Port of London Authority, Ports of Cabo Verde, Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia, Port of Amsterdam, Freeport of Riga Authority
  • America region: Port Saint John, Georgia Ports Authority, Port of Long Beach, Autoridad Marítima de Panamá, Halifax Port Authority, Port of San Diego, National Port Administration Uruguay, Montreal Port Authority, Canaveral Port Authority, Port of Los Angeles, Northwest Seaport Alliance, Port of Seattle
  • Asia and Oceania region: Johor Port Authority, Maldives Ports, DP World, Port of Brisbane, Sabah Ports, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Marine and Water Bureau Government of Macau, Port Nelson, Ulsan Port Authority, Lyttelton Port Company, Ports of Auckland, PSA International, Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Incheon Port Authority, NSW Ports, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Busan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia, Busan Port Authority, Ports and Harbours Bureau Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan, South Port New Zealand, Incheon Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries

Check out the full line up on our Member Port News page.

World Maritime News

These maritime news stories made the headlines over the past two weeks: 

  • Ports group seeks to close gap in investment
  • Port of New York and New Jersey is the busiest in the US
  • Outlook for container shipping
  • Hapag-Lloyd makes $1 billion Latin American terminal takeover
  • Topics on decarbonization
  • GSBN tests digital process to share shipping data with banks

For details of each story, please visit the World Maritime News section on our website.


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