New IAPH submissions for forthcoming IMO sessions

In preparation of the forthcoming IMO Maritime Safety (MSC 103) and Facilitation (FAL 45) Committee meetings in May and June, IAPH has prepared and supported a number of submissions. The first submission, made to MSC 103 and FAL 45, summarises the main elements of the Port Community Cybersecurity note that we published last summer. The submission also announces our intention to submit a full set of guidelines on port and port facility cybersecurity for the 104th MSC meeting this fall. A dedicated working group is currently drafting those, under the umbrella of the IAPH Data Collaboration Committee. The second submission, to FAL 45, presents the results of the survey we undertook last autumn on the implementation of the mandatory electronic data exchange requirements under the IMO FAL Convention. The submission also invites IMO Member States to consider possibilities for setting up an initiative on accelerating digitalisation, focusing on capacity-building. Finally, we co-sponsored a joint industry call to action for industry and governmental bodies to work together on supporting technical standards for administrative and operational data. MSC 103 will be held remotely from 5 to 14 May and FAL 45 from 1 to 7 June.

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