Main outcomes of IAPH Climate and Energy Committee

The IAPH Climate and Energy Committee met on 9 February under the leadership of Chair Peter Mollema (Port of Rotterdam) and Vice-Chair Edvard Molitor (Port of Gothenburg). Principal focus of the meeting was the implementation of the IMO greenhouse gas strategy for shipping and the role of ports therein. Members discussed the new technical and operational measures adopted at the last IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 75) and how these could eventually be integrated in the Environmental Ship Index (ESI). The Committee also addressed the value-added of market-based measures for ports and decided to hold a dedicated workshop on this topic in March. Members further agreed to enable good communication between various port-initiated global initiatives such as WPCAP that address decarbonisation of shipping, avoiding duplication  and disseminating expertise through the platform of the World Ports Sustainability Program. The summary report of the meeting with all action points will be distributed to members of the Committee soon. If you are interested to join the work of the Climate and Energy Committee, please contact Junichi Takemura at:

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