First meeting IAPH Climate and Energy Committee

The newly established IAPH Technical Committee on Climate and Energy held its first formal meeting last Monday. 35 delegates from across the globe attended the meeting online. The meeting was split in two main parts. The first part entailed a discussion on the greenhouse gas strategy of the International Maritime Organization and the agenda of the forthcoming Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting, which takes place 16-20 November. Members especially discussed pending proposals for the establishment of an Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and an International Maritime Research and Development Board. The second part of the meeting contained an update on GHG projects and programmes driven by ports, including IAPH’s own Environmental Ship IndexClean Marine Fuels and Cruise Emissions projects as well as the International Collaboration on Ship Emission Reductions (ICSER) and the World Ports Climate Action Program (WPCAP). The Committee also discussed IAPH’s partnership in the IMO-Norway GreenVoyage2050 project. Committee members nominated Peter Mollema (Port of Rotterdam) and Edvard Molitor (Port of Gothenburg), respectively as chair and vice-chair of the Committee.

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