IAPH presents at African Ports Forum

This year’s edition of the African Ports Forum was held in hybrid form in Djibouti earlier this week. IAPH Managing Director Patrick Verhoeven was invited to give a keynote address on the role of shipping alliances and their impact on port sector development in Africa. In his presentation, he discussed the container carrier landscape, historical barriers to African port development and the recent renaissance of the continent’s port landscape, with emerging transhipment hubs. As regards the future, Patrick highlighted the unlimited growth opportunities of Africa and the role ports should take as hubs for end-to-end supply chain solutions. In conclusion, he referred to the concept of a strategic pan-African ports agenda that had been launched at the 2018 IAPH Regional African Ports Conference, which was initiated and hosted by IAPH Vice-President Hadiza Bala Usman in Abuja, Nigeria. IAPH will be providing a platform for African port development next year, with the aim of bringing new life to the pan-African ports agenda. This includes a dedicated session on ‘The Century of Africa’ during next year’s World Ports Conference, which will be held in Antwerp during the last week of June. You can download Patrick’s presentation here.



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