Nominate your experts for our new Technical Committees

During summer, the IAPH Board identified three strategic focus areas for the coming years: climate and energy, data collaboration and risk and resilience. These cover genuinely global topics that are on the agenda of most port managers and international regulators such as the International Maritime Organization. These areas furthermore correspond with the themes of the World Ports Sustainability Program and the World Ports Conference, thus enabling strong synergies with both. Three new Technical Committees are to cover these areas. These Committees have a set work programme with clear deliverables, which was adopted by the Board for the first year and can be consulted here. The Committees will meet four times a year, mostly online. One meeting will be held in person and coincide with the World Ports Conference. The Technical Committees will have their first actual meetings in November this year (see calendar of events below) and will be evaluated next June. The pre-existing Technical Committees will remain in place until then, at which point their integration and possible creation of additional Committees will be discussed to meet the constitutional requirement of having minimum six committees in place. The Technical Committees are the backbone of IAPH. With their reorganisation we aim to increase their value-added to our membership. We therefore warmly invite all regular and associate members to nominate their experts. A simple email to is all it takes!

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