Last edition port barometer, new initiative in preparation

The latest survey on the economic impact of COVID-19 on ports was carried out last week. After eleven survey weeks, this report – which will be available from the WPSP website this Thursday – will be the last edition of the WPSP-IAPH COVID-19 Economic Impact Barometer. The adopted responsive measures and the endorsed adjustments in port operations, along with the full or partial reopening of the economies and, not least, several other initiatives aiming to mitigate risks and secure flows along maritime supply chains, have contributed to the success of most ports to remain operational while securing safety of workforce, providers and users. The current overall status of the port sector as reported by this Barometer during the COVID-19 crisis merits generating long-term observations as well as creating knowledge-sharing mechanisms. These should be capable of capturing trends early on in ports and maritime supply chains, especially during a crisis. Building capacity in the port sector to minimise risk is vital, and such reporting will support port resilience in terms of the present and future crises and any similar threats. Working in close co-operation with the COVID-19 Task Force, authors Theo Notteboom and Thanos Pallis are preparing a more comprehensive report to be published in September. This report will provide a detailed analysis of the trends observed from survey weeks 15 to 29. It will also include a section on the way forward with specific focus on tracking cargo flows, digitalisation in ports and the challenges and approaches to risk and resilience in the port environment.

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