ESI Working Group discusses future configuration

The Environmental Ship Index (ESI) Working Group met online on 25 June for an internal discussion among members about the future configuration of the Index, including its new website and database, its new governance model and ongoing negotiations to outsource the management and operation. During the call, Working Group members thanked current ESI Administrator Manfred Lebmeier who has diligently managed the Index since April 2018 on secondment from Hamburg Port Authority. During this term he also accomplished the successful transition of the IT environment. The internal part of the meeting was followed by a stakeholder dialogue with shipowners and ship operators who receive the incentives that port authorities provide based on the index.
Meanwhile, the latest quarterly ESI scores have been published. The database now contains 8,166 ships, of which 5,343 have an ESI score higher than 20. This presents a decrease compared to last quarter, when there were 8,238 ships, of which 6,004 with a score higher than 20. This is still a consequence of the introduction of the global low sulphur cap in January this year. A first decrease occurred in the first quarter of the year and this is now stabilising. The number of incentive providers increased from 57 to 58. More information can be found on the new ESI website.


ESI scores



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