ESI formula adjusted to global sulphur cap


The latest scores of the IAPH Environmental Ship Index (ESI) project were produced on 1 January. The number of vessels in the ESI database is still rising and the Port of Aarhus was welcomed as the first incentive provider of ESI discounts in Denmark. The introduction of the IMO global sulphur cap lowered the points for the fourth quarter of 2019 for all vessels bunkering compliant fuel by almost 10 ESI points as no more bonus points are given for ‘mid fuel’. The SOx sub score formula is divided in the use of high, mid and low fuel. Mid fuel (0.1 % to 0.5 % sulphur content) was normally not bunkered and vessels got 35 bonus points for the SOx subscore (11.67 ESI points). Now all vessels must bunker mid fuel to be compliant with the global sulphur cap. This means that ships don’t get the bonus points, instead points according to the sulphur content lower than 0.5 %. For 2020 a new formula was developed for the SOx subpoints, with only mid and low fuel. The new formula intends to give ships a stable and fair score.

More information on the ESI project is available from the WPSP website.

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