IAPH and PortXL team up to accelerate port innovation






IAPH and PortXL, the world’s first port and maritime accelerator, have decided to team up to explore ways to accelerate worldwide port innovation. The collaboration features in the context of the World Ports Sustainability Program. The goal is to develop a worldwide platform for port innovation. PortXL brings a proven approach in matching ports facing a problem with innovative start-ups and scale-ups offering a solution. Since 2015, it has been running an annual acceleration programme, matching large corporates belonging to the port ecosystem with start-ups whose solutions can tackle their challenges. In 2018 PortXL has expanded from Rotterdam to Antwerp and Singapore and in 2019 it has assisted the Italian port of Taranto with the development of their own innovation hub. In total PortXL has 72 accelerated companies in its portfolio (e.g. RanMarine Technologies, Eco Wave Power, Verton), with over 150 paid pilot contracts signed with corporates as a result. It also has 2000 start-ups and scale-ups in an ever-growing database. The Port Innovation Atlas will provide solutions to the many sustainability challenges that ports face all across the globe. Its goal will be to understand the sustainability challenges ports worldwide are facing and helping to solve them.It will encourage pilots and partnerships with the most innovative companies that match their needs.


The platform is under construction and a broader announcement will be made in March 2020 at the IAPH World Ports Conference.

In the meantime, we invite IAPH member ports to put their challenges to the platform – via this form  – to discover which companies are primed and ready for cooperation. The form is designed to gauge interest and does not require any concrete commitments at this stage. We therefore warmly encourage interested members to fill it in and become the pioneers of exciting new innovations. You can become more familiar with PortXL activities by watching this video.



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