IAPH and WCO to produce customs-port guidelines

Over 200 people participated in the online workshop on collaboration between customs and port authorities that was organised by IAPH and the World Customs Organization last Tuesday. The webinar compared best practices from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Netherlands, United States and United Arab Emirates, covering institutional and legal frameworks, the use of digital systems and potential other areas of cooperation to enhance both the facilitation and security of maritime supply chains. The best practices were introduced by speakers from port and customs authorities of each country, some in the form of a joint presentation. The workshop marks the reinvigoration of our partnership with the World Customs Organization, the roots of which go back to 1987, the year in which we signed our initial memorandum of understanding. The workshop is a steppingstone for a process whereby IAPH and WCO will structurally help customs and port authorities that want to bring their mutual collaboration to the next level. At the recent WCO Permanent Technical Committee meeting, the chairman of IAPH’s Data Collaboration Committee, Pascal Ollivier, presented a proposal to produce a set of joint IAPH-WCO guidelines on customs and port authorities’ collaboration, which received positive feedback. In follow-up to the workshop, a working group of customs and port authority experts will be convened to start the drafting process on those guidelines. 

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