Don’t miss our workshop on customs and ports

We have teamed up with the World Customs Organization (WCO) to hold a workshop on customs and ports collaboration to accelerate digitalisation for trade and transport facilitation and supply chain security. The workshop is planned to be held virtually on 23 November. The workshop is being held to enable the sharing of experience, best practices, and challenges in establishing and strengthening close collaboration between customs and port authorities. These are two parties that play key roles in international border crossing procedures. Yet, there is a lack of collaboration between the two authorities resulting in silos, redundant and un-coordinated processes, particularly in emerging or developing countries. Such a lack of cooperation could result from the lack of trust or mutual understanding. The need to remove barriers and overcome challenges to build efficient collaboration is therefore apparent. To this end, IAPH and WCO are exploring ways to strengthen cooperation by identifying potential work areas, benefits, challenges, lessons to learn, good practices, and the need for developing guidelines in this area. The workshop invites several pairs of high-level speakers, which consist of senior management level officials in customs administrations and port authorities, to speak and share their country’s experience. The workshop is exclusive for IAPH and WCO members, who have got a direct invitation by email to register. If you did not receive it and you would like to participate, please contact Fabienne Van Loo at

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