Our new P&H poll: a bonus-malus system for port dues?

With November playing host to two significant meetings pertaining to the global journey of emission reductions, COP26 and IMO’s 77th Marine Environment Protection Committee meeting, we want to look at voluntary — or even mandatory — measures ports can introduce to expedite this journey. With them being gateways to the world, ports also have the opportunity and responsibility to foster sustainable business practices among shipping as well as transport companies. For the November-December edition of Ports & Harbors, we therefore want to discuss if port authorities should introduce differentiated port dues (both positive and negative) that are based on the carbon footprint of the fuel a shipping company uses. This is aimed at encouraging low emission fuels and aid with reducing toxic air pollution. Our question to you: should ports consider a bonus-malus system based on the environmental performance in terms of air and GHG emissions? Click here to submit your answer to this month’s poll.



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