Time slot management, a solution for port congestion?

Reflecting on current congestion problems in global maritime (container) supply chains, several institutional and academic experts, including from UNCTAD, BIMCO and UN-CEFACT, published a paper introducing the concept of ‘dynamic time slot management’. The paper proposes the use of time slots and data sharing that will empower different parties to make more informed and flexible plans to overcome the disruptions and congestion in the supply chain system and improve supply chain visibility. The authors call for an expansion of the Just-in-Time arrival approach to incorporate a slot management concept that includes a dynamic view and management of JIT arrivals and departures to better manage uncertainties. The IAPH Data Collaboration Committee considered the paper at its meeting earlier this week and decided to collect views from ports that have some experience with timeslot management, including tidal windows and other arrangements. Members are invited to share their experience and feedback on the paper with our Technical Director, Antonis Michail: antonis.michail@iaphworldports.org. You can read the paper on the website of PortEconomics, the portal for research on port economics, management and policy.

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