Legal Database on International Maritime Conventions Impacting on Ports

Legal Database on International Maritime Conventions Impacting on Ports


This database is designed to offer a concise summary of and reference for international maritime conventions impacting ports in the world for the benefit of port manages and directors. It is given in plain language, yet a comprehensive guide to nearly 70 conventions of your interest and concern, sorted by theme and organization/depository for ease of reference. Links to the full text of all the conventions are also provided.


Introduction to Maritime Law for Port Officials


This handbook is designed to provide IAPH members with a general information on and understanding of relevant maritime law for their day to day work. It is not a scientific work, but is meant to give practical guidance to ports who do not have a big legal department.

IAPH members are welcome to submit relevant comments and ideas.




The contents of the Legal Database are solely for informational purposes and any use thereof or reliance thereon is at the sole and independent discretion and responsibility of the persons accessing the database. IAPH disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the contents of the database. IAPH therefore is not liable for (inter alia) the (timeliness of the) information (or the use of such information) and opinions which are provided in the database or incorporated into it by reference.

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