Internal Committee

Under the old Constitution and By Laws of IAPH, four internal committees existed on Finance, Constitution & By-Laws, Long Range Planning/Review and Membership.


As a result of the new Constitution coming into force on 1 June 2016, the Finance and Audit Committee has come to exist as the only internal committee of IAPH, abolishing and, in a sense, merging the above-mentioned four committees.  The committee’s terms of reference is as follows:


  1. Monitor the financial status of the Association on a regular basis to materialize the smooth and undisrupted operation of the household and day-to-day work to be carried by the Secretary General and further ensure the long-range prospect of financial sustainability (self-sufficiency) of the Association.
  2. Examine, as stipulated in the Constitution, the financial reports and conduct such examination as appropriate.
  3. Take necessary action or make recommendation to the Association as appropriate.



Mr. Eranda Kotelawala

Chief Executive Officer

Solomon Islands Ports Authority

Solomon Islands








Mr. Shinsuke Ito, President, Yokohama Port Corporation, Japan

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