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The purpose of this section is to help you locate informational data published by our member ports on the following aspects of their port management and operations by providing links to where such data is published online.


Corporate Information
Environmental Issues
Financial Issues
Sustainability Reporting as Part of the Annual Financial Report
– International Port Economics Studies


The data are collected by IAPH secretariat as they are posted on the websites of IAPH members. If your port has published relevant data online elsewhere, please let us know by writing to

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 International Trade Economics Studies
Organization Subject
World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report (2016-2017)

Review of Maritime Transport 2019

Statistics (Data Center, Country Profiles, Infographics, etc.) (2018)

An extract from Handbook of Statistics 2018 on Maritime transport

Univ. of Nottingham Estimating the Impact of the Container Revolution on World Trade (2013)
OECD Competitiveness of Global Port-Cities (2013)
The Impact of Mega-Ships (2015)
Cruise Shipping and Urban Development – State of the Art of the Industry and Cruise Ports (2015)
World Shipping Council Container shipping
Some Observations on Port Congestion, Vessel Size and Vessel Sharing Agreements (2015)
Mediterranean Observatory Economic Relations between Italy and the Mediterranean Area (2017)
Danish Ship Finance Shipping Market Review (Nov 2015)
J. Safra Sarasin Group, Switzerland Container shipping: Change of course towards sustainability (2015)
International Transport Forum

Capacity to grow: Transport Infrastructure Needs for Future Trade Growth (2016)

The World Bank

Logistics Productivity Index (2018)

Center for Economic Policy Research

Global Trade Plateaus: The 19th Global Trade Alert Report (2016)

Center for Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL)  

 Thesis Library (2018)
Fearnleys LNG Shipping Market Outlook (June 2018)
Univ of Oxford A review of demand prospects for LNG as a marine transport fuel (2018)
University of Nantes  Competition on Maritime Routes (2018)
KPMG  Navigating the future – Changing Shipping Business Models (2018)

Ocean Freight Market Update, January 2019

Atlantic Council  

Navigating the Energy Transition: International Oil Company Diversification Strategies (2019)

Gas Strategies

LNG Outlook 2019: Breakthrough year?

Vygon Consulting


UK Department for Transport

Maritime 2050: Navigating the UK Future (2019)

Jefferson Clarke, Poten & Partners

LNG Shipping: How Long Will The Good Times Last? (2018)


The Evolving Landscape of the LNG Sector (2019)


Global LNG Report 2019: A Review of Demand, Supply & Financing Issues (2019)

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

China’s Gas Market (2019)

European Commission

Quarterly Report on European Gas Markets (2018)

Global Ports Report

Shanghai International Shipping Institute (SISI) (2018)

Martin Stopford, Clarkson Research

Coming to Terms with the New Era for Shipping and Ports (2019)

Olaf Merk, ITF, OECD 

Maritime Business Strategies (2019)

Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine

Inland Navigation in Europe (2019)

Menon Economics and DNV GL

Leading Maritime Capitals Report (2019)

Maritime Strategies Int’l Ltd. 

Shipping Energy Commodities (2019)

World Maritime University

Automation, Technology & Employment (2019)


LNG as a Marine Fuel: Status and trends in Norway (2019)

TRT TRASPORTI E TERRITORIO SRL Sustainable Transport Infrastructure: Charging and Internalisation of Transport Externalities (2019)
Opsiana & SEA/LNG LNG as a marine fuel (2019)
Psaraftis, Harilaos N., Technical University of Denmark Decarbonization of maritime transport: to be or not to be? (2019)
OECD  The Case of Maritime Subsidies (2019)
International Energy Agency (IEA) Korea and Energy Economics Institute (KEEI)  LNG Market Trends and Their Implications (2019)
Dominique von Orelli, DHL Ocean Freight Market Update – October 2019
Oxford Institute of Energy Studies Sanctions, Shipping, and Oil Markets (2019)
DNV GL  Maritime Forecast to 2050:  Energy Transition Outlook 2019
UBS Global market outlook (2019)
Comtois & Brian Slack Ship Turnaround Times in Ports – A Comparative Analysis of Ocean Container Carriers (2019)
David Jordan, Maritime Strategies International (MSI)

Shipping Markets in the 2020s – Overview of and outlook for the shipping market into 2020 (2019)


Alternative Fuels for Shipping  (2019)

V. Ships Shipping: Taking the Next Step (2019)
Congressional Research Service

Shipping Under the Jones act (2019)


Global Trade Barometer (2019)

National Petroleum Council (USA) 

America’s Evolving Oil and Natural Gas Transportation Infrastructure (2019)

World Economic forum

3D Printing & Trade (2020)

Maritime Strategies International Ltd. 

LNG Bunkering – A Niche Market (2019)

International Council on Clean Transportation 

LNG as a Marine Fuel – too good to be true? (2020)

Center for Strategic & International Studies

Natural Gas: Golden Age or Dark Age?  (2020)

Divisions of Research & Statistics & Monetary Affairs Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C., USA

Disentangling the Effects of the 2018-2019 Tariffs on a Globally Connected U.S. Manufacturing Sector (2019)


Coronavirus and its impact on global supply chain (2020)

Port Economics 

PortReport – PortEconomics Series No 4 – 2020



 Port Economics Studies
Organization Subject
ITMMA Port Dock Labor (2010)
EU Port Labor in the EU Vol 1 / Vol 2 (2013)
Container Ports: An Engine for Growth (2012)
I.C.I. reesearch Lab.
University of Westerne Brittany, Brest (France)
Implementing public-private partnerships:The case of French Port Authorities

Dredging in Figure 2015

Journal of Transport Geography

The relationship between port choice and terminal involvement of alliance members in container shipping (2017)

UK Department for Transport 

Maritime Growth Study Review (2018)

Port Economics

A web-based initiative aiming to advance knowledge exchange on seaport studies.   Established in 2008 it provides freely accessible research, education, information, and network-building material on critical issues of port economics, management and policies.

International Transport Forum 

Container Ship Size and Port Relocation (2018)

Traffic Planning in Port-Cities (2018)

School of Decision Sciences 

Hang Seng Management College 

Collaboration at the Hong Kong Port–Benefits from Facility Sharing (2018)

Kale Ltd. 

Smart Port 2.0 (2018)

UK Dept. of Transport  

UK Port Freight Traffic: 2019 Forecasts (2019)

TT Club

Brave new world? – Container transport in 2043 (2018)

Dr. Steven E. Shladover 

Role of Truck Platooning in Improving the Efficiency of Port Hinterland Connections (2019)


Automation in Maritime Transport and Port Industry (2019)

Port of Rotterdam & British Ports Association

Steps Towards a Digital Port (2019)

British Ports Association

Port Zones UK – a new coalition of British airport and seaport operators (2019)

Hamburg Port Authority 

The Role of Smart Ports in the Digital Supply Chain (2019)


Environmental Performance of European Sea Ports (2019)


Collision Prevention at Ports & Terminals  (2019)




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