Data Base of IAPH Member Ports-Financial Issues

The purpose of this section is to help you locate informational data published by our member ports on the following aspects of their port management and operations by providing links to where such data is published online.


Corporate Information
Environmental Issues
– Financial Issues
Sustainability Reporting as Part of the Annual Financial Report
International Port Economics Studies


The data are collected by IAPH secretariat as they are posted on the websites of IAPH members. If your port has published relevant data online elsewhere, please let us know by writing to

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 Financial Issues
Region Country Port Annual Financial Reports Tariffs Bond Prospectus Tender/Contractual Documentation Lease Agreement
Africa1 COTE D’IVOIRE Abidjan          
KENYA Kenya P.A.        
Africa2 NIGERIA Nigeria P.A.        
SENEGAL Dakar          
SUDAN Sea Ports Corp.      
TANZANIA Tanzania P.A.        
EUROPE-1 BELGIUM Antwerp P.A. (included in the Annual report)    
BULGARIA Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Co.        
CYPRUS Cyprus P.A.        
FINLAND Port of Helsinki        
FRANCE G.P.M. de Havre          
G.P.M. de Marseille          
EUROPE-2 GERMANY Hamburg P.A.          
Jade WeserPort          
ICELAND Associated Icelandic Ports        
ISRAEL Isreal Ports Development & Assets Co.          
ITALY Genoa        
LATVIA Freeport of Riga    
MALTA Authority of Transport        
NETHERLANDS Amsterdam (included in the Annual report)      
EUROPE-3 NORWAY Oslo P.A.        
PORTUGAL Sines (contained in Annual report)      
SPAIN Algeciras          
Santa-Cruz deTenerife      
EUROPE-4 SWEDEN Goteborg        
ASIA (Eastern & Sounth) -1 CHINA Marine Department, HKSAR      
Taiwan Int’l Ports Corp.          
Kaohsiung Harbor        
Keelung H.B.        
Taichung H.B.        
ASIA (Eastern & Sounth)-2 INDONESIA Indonesia Port Corp. II (Contained in the A/Report)        
KOREA MLTM          
Busan P.A.          
Busan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries          
Yeosu Gwangyang P.A.        
Incheon P.A.          
Incheon Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries          
Ulsan P.A.          
ASIA (Eastern & Southern)-3 JAPAN-1 Ports and Harbours Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism          
Port of Hakata        
Port of Kitakyushu          
Kobe Port Terminal Corporation          
Nagoya Port Authority        
ASIA (Eastern & Southern)-4 JAPAN-2 Naha Port Authority      
Kobe-Osaka International Port Corporation        
Port & Harbour Bureau, Shimonoseki City Gov.        
Shizuoka Prefectural Government          
Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation          
Yokohama Port Corporation      
City of Yokohama        
ASIA (EASTERN & SOUTHERN)-5 MALAYSIA Bintulu Port Holdings Berhad    
Johor P.A.      
Sabah P.A.        
Sabah Ports Sdn        
Kuantan P.A.          
Port Klang Authority        
Northport Bhd      
Westports Malaysia Sdn          
ASIA (EASTERN & SOUTHERN)-6 PHILIPPINES Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority        
PSA Int’l Pte      
Mongla P.A.      
INDIA Dep.of Shipping          
Chennai Port Trust      
Mumbai Port Trust        
MALDIVES Maldives Ports Ltd.      
PAKISTAN Karachi Port Trust      
SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Ports Authority      
SRI LANKA Sri Lanka P.A.        
UAE Abu Dhabi Ports Co.        
Oceania AUSTRALIA Gladstone Ports Corp.        
NEW ZEALAND Ports of Auckland Ltd      
Port Nelson Ltd    
South Port New Zealand Ltd        
FIJI Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd. (contained in A/Report)      
PAPUA NEW GUINEA PNG Ports Corp.      
NORTH AMERICA CANADA Montreal Port Authority (included in annual Report)      
  USA Canaveral Port Authority  
    Georgia Ports Authority      
    Port of Los Angeles  
    Port of Miami    
    Port of Seattle    
    The Port of Stockton, California      
LATIN AMERICA Cayman Islands Port Authority of the Cayman Islands        
HONDURAS Empresa Nacional Portuaria(ENP)        
NETHERLANDS ANTILLES Aruba Ports Authority N.V.        
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corp.        
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