Governing body


Governing body


The new IAPH Constitution coming into force in June 2016 defines the Council as the governing body of IAPH, replacing the defunct Board of Directors and Executive Committee.  The former was functioning as the policy making body and the latter the chief executive body under the old regime.


The Council comprises:


  1. Board of Execuive* Directors (‘the Board’) consisting of President (ex officio Chair of the Board and of the Council) and six Regional Vice Presidents


       (*Executive means having the right to vote at the Council meeting.)


  1. Non– Executive Directors consisting of:


  • Immediate Past President;
  • Conference Vice Presidents;
  • Secretary-General;
  • Managing Director – Policy and Strategy;
  • Internal Committee Chairs;
  • Technical Committee Chairs;
  • Chairs or Project Leaders of Forums, Subsidiary Bodies and other significant initiatives up to a maximum of three (3) appointments; and
  • One Associate Member representative.



New Six Regions of IAPH
As opposed to previous three regions of Africa/Europe, Americas and Asia/Oceania, IAPH has now six new regions:


  • Africa
  • America, Central and South
  • America, North
  • Asia, South/West, East and Middle East
  • Asia, South East and Oceania
  • Europe


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