Member Ports

IAPH comprises some 200 Regular Members – leading ports in 90 countries, who are public port authorities, private port operators, government agencies responsible for ports. Surveys conducted in the past years show that, combining all IAPH member ports, they handle over 60% of the world sea-borne trade in metric ton and over 80% of world container traffic in TEU.


In addition, nearly150 shipping, stevedoring and warehousing businesses, national and regional port associations, port research and training institutes, and manufacturers of port-related products are represented as Associate members.


Though “unity” characterizes IAPH, its membership is in reality diverse. In terms of port operation, we have landlord ports, operating ports, and a mixture of both. As to ownership, we have public port authorities – national, state, municipal – and private port/terminal operating companies, and a joint venture of public and private sectors. IAPH seeks ways and means to harmonize such diversity, but at the same time diversity is often our strength and assets!


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