Management Team

IAPH Management Team


IAPH is governed by the Council chaired by the President.  Under the direction and supervision of the President, the following two full-time officials manage the day-to-day operations.


Secretary General   Managing Director ‐ Policy and Strategy          
091202 official portrait Patrick_Verhoeven_Managing_Director_Policy&Strategy

Dr. Masahiko Furuichi

IAPH Head Office


Dr. Patrick Verhoeven

Antwerp, Belgium


The SG is responsible for administering the day to day operations

of the Association.  The Head Office is based in Tokyo, Japan, and

he administers the secretariat staff and financial affairs of the Association.

The MD is currently based in Antwerp, Belgium, primarily responsible to the Board and

the President for the development of and implementation of the strategic plans and

policies as established by the Board and for representing the IAPH within the industry.



The Secretary General is responsible for managing the Finance & Administration unit based in Tokyo and

The Managing Director for the Policy & Strategy unit in Europe.   


Finance and Administration unit

Policy and Strategy unit

Hiromichi Manaka(Mr.),

Undersecretary Finance and Account Management

Antonis Michail(Mr.),

Technical Director

Saki Takizawa(Ms.)

Accountant Assistant

Victor Shieh(Mr.),

Director Communications and Events 

Masahiro Yoshimi(Mr.),

Undersecretary Internal Membership Relations

Rhona Macdonald (Ms.),

Policy and IMO Liaison Officer

Shinobu Yamamoto(Mr.),

Undersecretary External Membership Relations

Sisangile Nduna(Ms.),

Research Assistant

Fumiko Yamaji(Ms.),

Assistant Undersecretary Membership Data Management

Fabienne Van Loo (Ms.),

Coordination and Support Manager

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